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10/17/2009 1:20:26 AM

I've been impressed with the amount of energy being expended on stock strategies. I'm overwhelmed. The statistics being generated is phenomenal. Is anyone applying this data to option strategies? Maybe I'm just missing that thread somewhere. Can anyone point me in that direction?

Thanks to everyone in advance. This is a fantastic forum!


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10/17/2009 8:08:11 PM

At this point, my only suggestion is to open an accout with
$10 for up to 4,000 contracts.
Yesterday, I tried to open 1,000 AAPL contracts in my regular brokerage acc't, and the commission was $1,250.00!!

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10/18/2009 12:00:06 AM


Thanks for the brokerage advice. I like ThinkorSwim a lot for their trade analytics. I'm still new to this forum. I'm impressed with the amount of statistical analysis going on here and the amount of sharing, too. I'm really liking the statistics exposure. Being pretty much a swing (and part time) trader, I'm just trying to feel out others with a penchant for options. I haven't stumbled on any options threads, yet. I get the impression that most people are using their data analysis to make directional trades, so there must be some pretty meaty ones out there. I just haven't found them. In the mean time, I shall continue with my forum familiariization.

I've been spending a good deal of time studying threads from TheRumpledOne and Kevin_in_GA. Who are your favorites?


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10/18/2009 12:44:44 AM

for option ideas...type in "option calls" or "options" in FORUM search box

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