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10/24/2008 8:12:16 AM

Also look at the stock today "HYDG" and set a profit taking of 0.1 ... it is now 0.08 .. sometims today it should go over 0.1 or up to 0.1 and then take the profit when you HAVE a profit.

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10/24/2008 9:25:14 AM


set{xRange, high - low}
set{AvgRng, cma(xRange,5) }
set{HiOp, high - open}
set{Long_Profit, HiOp/open }

set{B10A, count(Long_Profit > .10 , 100)}

set{A10A, count(Long_Profit > .10 , 1)}
set{chg, sum( A10A - A10A 1 day ago ,5)}

and add column B10A {GT10%}
and add column AvgRng

add column chg{(wk)}
add column chg 1 week ago{(-1wk)}
add column chg 2 weeks ago{(-2wk)}
add column chg 3 weeks ago{(-3wk)}
add column chg 4 weeks ago{(-4wk)}
add column chg 5 weeks ago{(-5wk)}
add column chg 6 weeks ago{(-6wk)}
add column chg 7 weeks ago{(-7wk)}
add column chg 8 weeks ago{(-8wk)}
and add column separator
add column industry
add column sector
and add column separator


count(RSI(2) 1 day ago above 99,60) is above 0
RSI(2) is below 5
average volume(10) above 50000
close more than 10% below close 1 day ago

sort column 5 descending

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10/24/2008 10:40:19 PM

What I was getting at was how about a filter to give you stocks to sell? Going with trend is an easier way to make money than going against. Stocks are getting sold off in a bear market. Find stocks to sell and join the party. For example, the last month or so you could have pick any stocks with your eyes close to sell short and would have profited without using any filters.

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10/25/2008 3:56:30 AM

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modified 10/24/2008 9:25:14 AM
/* TRO STAT SCAN DISPLAY - Sqwii MIGHTY filter */ ==> thanks for the STATS (-.-)

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10/25/2008 10:18:50 AM

slotmarket... yes go with the trend...
this filter is only to make quick money.. for 1 day or 2..

When the stock is completeley oversold and dropped maybe above 20-30% then the next day it will gap up like 5% or more... because OVERSELLING PRESSURE

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10/25/2008 1:50:50 PM

slotmarket...........look at stocks with 3% or higher gain in last day or 2 on lower than average volume. Look at the trend and determine the trade. Descending triangles are powerful as well.

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10/26/2008 6:15:33 AM

as I said.. the market was down over 3% and I said look for MTG and set a profit taking of 5% .. if you did that you could get 5% or just 2-3 % profit from this stock in 1 day...

This filter rocks if you just hold for few days !

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10/26/2008 10:46:09 AM

trade the hell out of and be wealthy :)

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10/27/2008 5:53:44 AM

Lets look what to trade today !

This stock might be good !


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10/27/2008 10:21:23 AM

At open today
- DSL is UP
- HYDG is UP
- KERX is UP

All up over 5% you could take the profit if you wanted ! As I said !... this is a great method..

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