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11/12/2004 8:08:41 PM

...nice call on EVOL !

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11/12/2004 11:44:02 PM

Nice call? LOL!

RSI(2) does it all the time. Just business as usual.

I know RSI(2) is so simple that most people don't believe it can work but it does.

But with all the indicators available it is so tempting to make things more complicated than necessary.

The goal in trading is to MAKE MONEY.

But no filter in the world can substitute for good TRADING TECHNIQUES and MONEY MANAGEMENT SKILLS.

RSI(2) can lead you to the GOLD MINE but YOU still have to DIG (trade) for yourself.


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11/13/2004 6:56:52 PM

I noticed a R2 trading setup that I've haven't worked thru, any suggestions would be appreciated.

I notice on several r2 lows that resulted in good gains a set up that looks like this:
R2 to very very low point (i.e. <1)
then R2 spikes to +50 in one day
then R2 falls <25
buy the next open.

Fetcher[price is greater than 4.00
volume is greater than 100000
and rsi2 reached a new 52 week low within the last 10 days 4 days ago
and rsi2 is above 50 2 days ago
and rsi2 has crossed below 25


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11/13/2004 10:16:45 PM


RSI(2) < 1 will give you the bottom fish.

RSI(2) 250 day low, will give you the low for the year.

But the fact is YOU HAVE TO TRADE THE STOCK. By that, I mean you have to wait for your entry trigger and take profit when you can.

EVOL had been on the rsi(2) < 1 list for days before it popped. But once the trigger was given, it was a nice ride for 4% or more in a day.

Anything can happen. Trading stocks is a "guessing game".

Focus on the goal of trading stocks: TO MAKE MONEY.

The way you accomplish that goal is to correctly identify which way the stock is moving and trade in THAT DIRECTION.

I have posted the rsi(2) < 1 filter but it is up to YOU to make the trades.

There is NO FILTER that spits out stocks for you to buy and then rake in profits without YOU making trading decisions.

Your time would be better spent learning how to trade and to manage money than on filter tweaking.


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11/13/2004 11:41:15 PM

You've replyed to my post where I requested help.

In a reply to a post I made just 3 hours earlier, you lectured me how to participate in this message board, in-directly calling me lazy. Then, after I follow your advice, you now serve me a lazy self-serving reply that never once looked at the mechanics of my request. I have a pattern that I'd like to emulate and a script that "should" work. Your 2penny response has but one mission. It blindly protects "your RS2 property" and assumes that I need money management training to "get it".

Not all SF users are the same. I have $1.6 million dollars in trade commisions accrued over the last decade, I have lived, eaten & breathed every single aspect of money management that produces a career in "Trading for a Living".

I await your apology.

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11/16/2004 10:28:14 PM


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11/17/2004 8:29:41 PM

Rumpledone and HG gave this to us ...
I'm just re-posting as this version....nothing new.
Simple and sweet ... all the way to the bank !
Thanks one more time Rumpledone and HG !!!

... change the offset to get a hint of the potential !

rsi(2) < 1
and average volume(10) is greater than 45000
and volume is greater than 72000
and price is between .12 and 12
and offset 0 days

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11/17/2004 9:20:30 PM

Check the forums.. the actual version is there.

No changes have been made to the guts of the filter.


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12/3/2004 5:51:09 PM

Anyone been watching what RSI(2) < 1 has been doing lately?

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12/3/2004 10:49:53 PM

Had some interesting results from yesterdays matches.
Fetcher[find stocks where RSI(2) 1 day ago had been decreasing for 3 days and RSI(2) is less than 5
and volume is above 300000
and price is between 15 and 150
and draw RSI(2)
Add Column Average Volume (5)
Add Column Average Volume (2)
add column RSI(2)

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