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4/10/2007 2:33:41 PM

I'm sure that someone has put together some good RSI Price divergence filters but I can't seem to find one and the attempts that I have made regarding building one have not been that great. Any assistence would be appreciated.

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4/10/2007 4:07:14 PM

Here is one way of doing it. Also, a good thread/filters on this subject has been "popped to the top" in the general discussion section.

Note: a disclaimer before the "divergence police" jump all over this filter.
It lets in many that are not showing divergence. You have to do the brutally hard work of looking at a hundred or so charts and tossing most out.

Fetcher[days(rsi(14) crossed above 30,30) is above
days(rsi(14) crossed above 40,30) and
days(rsi(14) crossed above 40,30) is above -1
and rsi(14) < 50
and close reached a new 30 day low within the last 30 days
and close > 10
and avg vol(90) > 1000000

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4/10/2007 10:39:50 PM

Thanks for your response. I finally found a very good one that Wall Street Genius posted on 10-14-06. This filter works very well with most stocks on the screen being very obvious which is what I was trying to accomplish.

Now all I have to do is do some research and determine whether the concept can be profitable.

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