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9/16/2006 6:53:28 PM

Isn't TRO-CONTROL similiar to trading the middle of the range?

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9/16/2006 7:51:39 PM

Isn't TRO-CONTROL similiar to trading the middle of the range?

There's more to it!

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9/17/2006 2:37:39 PM

Hey Riggs, I had someone give your reply to tachyonv who is a Keltner Channel expert who posts on TradeStation.

from tachyonv...

Well, don't know who he was talking about but it was not me.

- I've never sold anything and have nothing for sale.

- No one challenged my KC presentation at the 2004 TSW conference, not in private and not in public - received nothing but rave reviews verbally, in writing and in a TS thread.

Person may have been talking about Linda Bradford Raschke, who includes KC in some of her trading presentations, methods and classes. She presented at that conference and at the 2005 conference. But her approach is not even close to mine insofar as I know.

FWIW my KC BO swing trade indicator has 80%+ win rate, per share per trade expectancy of $1.35, etc., all of its profit measures are more than double any published breakout indicators. Actual trading with discretionary judgment added sometimes equals, sometimes does better than, sometimes does not as good as back testing results, month by month. In significantly trending years, up or down, actual trading results exceed back testing.

My KC reversal & channel bounce intraday indicators have 93% win rates for an entire year and streaks like 97% win rates over a 10 month period, 49 wins in a row, 82 wins in 84 trades - actual trading, not back testing. And not in light trading, but for usually 5 to 15 intraday trades each trading day. These indicators are not back testable yet, and require more discretionary judgment than the breakout indicator.

About a dozen mostly well known highly experienced (in EL, TS and trading) folks at TS forums helped test and in some instances helped me with EasyLanguage puzzles in creating the 32k lines of EL code KC BO indicator. They each have seen the conservative, thoroughly tested results and have done their own testing on variety of instruments.

Wonder what apparently little knowledge the guy below has about KC? And why is he so emotionally unbalanced in his reply? Good traders do not have emotional tantrums like that.

Noticed s/he has posted nothing about testing results, real trading results, how s/he used KC if at all, etc.

BB are just another (albeit inferior) variation of KC - John Bollinger and I exchanged private emails about that as recently as two weeks ago - he denies it but it is very easy to prove - we agreed to disagree.

That private exchange was (is) part of my ongoing research into origins of KC and its name, which turned out to be mysterious, and over the past month included phone calls and/or emails with Larry Williams, Tom DeMark, Dennis Dunn, Don Jones, George Schade, T. C. Slater and several others.

Besides those folks, over the past 2.5 years, also at various times included emails, telephone interviews and/or in person interviews with Manning Stoller, Rick Redmont, Fred Lowell (Chester Keltner's long time associate), Keltner's daughter, Keltner's long time secretary, Dan Chesler (for Linda Raschke), and most of the other trading book seminar providers and authors of the past 30 years who are still alive and who had some connection directly or indirectly with Chester Keltner.

None of those folks think KC indicator is a joke. Nor does my NYC publisher which is patiently waiting for my draft. Nor does my friend Dr. Alex Elder nor his NYC book agent who is now also my book agent.

A couple of the old timers in the aforemeentioned group think that no indicator works and they are right, no single indicator works by itself.

Repetitive, but the below post is not about me, unless the poster is 100% lying, as no one challenged my presentation or results or methods at the conference, not in private nor in public.

FWIW, in public to the 180+ attending the presentation, I pointed out on an example slide and verbally that CERN was a great KC trade candidate, and disclosed that I had just gotten into CERN as a KC reversal that was morphing into a KC trend trade (that trade eventually gained me > 27 points - CERN split 2:1 while my position was open).

Fine by me that the (negative second) poster below is afflicted with erroneous beliefs, lack of emotional self control, lack of KC knowledge. Have no interest in challenging him/her, it would be a total waste of time.

FWIW when you see such emotions in writing or hear them in person you can be highly confident that the person is a poor trader, a poor researcher, a poor learner, has a solidly closed mind, does not know what in the hell s/he is talking about, and expects to intimidate others into submission or quietude via temper tantrums that even my 10 month old grandson would not use. It would be a total waste of time to attempt to engage the person in a dialogue expecting any value in return, other than maybe playing with that person's mind and emotions for amusement.


Now, isn't that funny? I have never once said a word about DMA(28,-14) while the dude's so-called critics lambasted his "original" ideas, which he most definitely ripped off from somebody else. Plus who hasn't heard of DMA(28,-14)? It's not like it was created yesterday. Along with scores of his critics, I'm just not convinced that it works, at least by itself. That is, DMA(28,-14) by itself is useless as any other countless garbage indicators solicited as ure true holy grail. Only when it's combined with others like, well, the Keltner channels and Bollinger bands, does it make itself felt. But then again, it ain't what you use but how you use the damn thing...ain't it?

Niko -

Are you on freakin crack or something? Huh? Are you? Did you say "Keltner channels & Bollinger Bands?" Ure "Keltner channels" are the biggest joke known to everyone who uses T/A. lol....a clown just like you tried to hip me to "K-C" at a Tradestation seminar a couple of years ago, and in about 5 minutes I showed him why this sh*tty channel DOESN'T work! If any of you out there would like me to show you COUNTLESS of examples just let me know.

NiKo, you make us all laugh everytime to open your mouth. Keep up the good work, maybe someday you'll step down from ure comedy stage and actually learn something from all of us here. And as for you comment "scores of critics?"......that's actually about 5 of you jealous posters. That hardly constitutes as "scores of critics." lol....especially when you count the numerous of emails and actual postings Ive received in regards to DMA. Which by the way includes a couple of SILENT posters from YOUR camp! lol....

So why do you do this to yourself Niko? How many times must I make you look like the fool that you are? Wasn't our conversations about the "Inverted Hammer" and oh yea....."RMBS" enough for you? lol....those "keltners" really helped ya there huh? lol....BTW, RMBS made it all the way down to $10! Did you see that? Of course you did! So when ure ready to put those Keltners up against my DMA......just let me know. But you better bring ANOTHER juicy steak with you b/c you will AGAIN experience that usual BLACK EYE!!! But don't worry of the embarrassment....we're all used to it now. lol......

Keltner channels....that is freakin funny!!! lol.....


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9/17/2006 4:03:58 PM

Wow!!!! What an honor Avery! And....WHO is this guy? Could that be Nikochopens username on tradestation? lol....maybe he ought to start a thread here. Something like......


Sure would be interesting to see. Guess he doesn't know that everything I RESEARCH & touch turns to gold and usually comes to reality! Oops...yes he does....I forgot that it's really "Niko" in cognito. lol....Nice try Avery & Niko! Nice try....but anytime this impostor wants to go heads up.....tell him to start the thread! You know me and challenges......and how my fortune telling techniques are.

Anytime your friend is ready Avery, anytime!


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9/17/2006 4:11:43 PM

"None of those folks think KC indicator is a joke. Nor does my NYC publisher which is patiently waiting for my draft. Nor does my friend Dr. Alex Elder nor his NYC book agent who is now also my book agent.

A couple of the old timers in the aforemeentioned group think that no indicator works and they are right, no single indicator works by itself."

ROFLMAO!!!!!!! Nice work "Niko!" Very nice work! lol...Hey Niko, are you friends with Kenny Chesney too? I could use an autograph on my 10-galllon cowboy hat! lol....Hey, tell your FRIEND (laugh) Dr. Elder, that I love his last book! Think he would autograph it as well Niko? LOL....


Riggs. (can't stop laughing!)lol.....

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9/17/2006 4:20:01 PM

"None of those folks think KC indicator is a joke. Nor does my NYC publisher which is patiently waiting for my draft."

Niko -

Is your "publisher" a Fantasy football lover? Is that the "draft he's waiting for?"


The great "Keltner Channels!" Wonder why I have missed this in all the books I have read? Funny how your "FRIEND" Dr. Elder never touches on this particular channel in ANY of his books. lol.....

This is REALLY becoming fun! Can't wait for someone with an actual BACKBONE to start the thread.....


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9/17/2006 8:39:51 PM


Can TRO Control be written for SF?


Yes, but only for swing traders.


Okay, and I'm a swing trader so...




So how can I get your TRO Control written in SF?


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9/18/2006 9:25:33 AM


Feel free to send and email to me... therumpledone at yahoo dot com

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9/18/2006 9:31:21 AM

TRO, why not just post it here?

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9/18/2006 12:30:02 PM

Cause it's not public.

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