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11/14/2003 5:11:40 PM


Funny thing is... I usually make more $ on down days.

I haven't bothered posting more RSI(2) calls. It should be self explanatory by now. Wouldn't want anyone to think I was bragging...LMAO!!


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11/15/2003 5:15:59 PM

I don't worry about it. I post the failures along with the successes because failures are just as informative as successes. It doesn't cast me in a light of infalibility or superiority but thats not what I'm am here for. I'm here just to share, learn and make money.

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11/15/2003 7:27:26 PM

EWZubber, On 11/14 you mentioned MEM. Did you check the insider trading? I did. The insiders are BUYING and have been buying for the past 3 months. If I read this correctly, 40% of all shares are held by insiders. Something is 'happening' with this stock, volume increased dramatically at the end of September, when the price went straight up for several days. The stock is currently in a slight pullback and during this pullback, volume has declined. But, volume is still high. Total revenue tripled the last quarter as compared to the previous quarter. And, revenue is more than 5 times higher than last year, at this time! Net income is down this quarter as compared to last quarter. Don't know why. I am not much for fundamentals and fundamental analysis of companies. Evidently, since the insiders are buying, and buying, in what appears, a big way, there is something positive happening with this company.

I would like to mention something else you said. You said,"I post the failures along with the successes because failures are just as informative as successes. It doesn't cast me in a light of infalibility or superiority but thats not what I'm am here for. I'm here just to share, learn and make money."

I very much agree with what you say and your attitude. Actually, the failures are usually much more informative than the successes. By studying our failures, we learn how to avoid them. It seems that learning to trade is all about failures and learning from those failures. The most difficult part of trading is to actually learn from the failures, remember what you learn, and don't make the same mistakes repeatedly. In my opinion, trading is all about probabilities. Because a stock does not do as expected, we need not label it a failure. Trading is a game of probabilities, and it is the total of trades over a period of time that determines overall success or failure. We need to analyze the stocks that 'fail' to perform as we thought they might. Learn what we can from the behavior of the stock or pattern. There are so many factors that can affect what happens to the price of a stock on any given day and a lot of those factors may have nothing to do with the stock itself. The market can be down...the sector can be down...bad news concerning a similiar industry...a guru opens his mouth and says dump those stocks...and etc. So, it is not really a matter of stocks being 'successes' or 'failures'. Instead, there are a range of factors, some we know and many that we don't, that affects a stocks price. We play the odds. Studying our 'failures' is a means of trying to improve our odds. And, as you say, it is not about infalibility or superiority. These are emotions and emotions have no place in stock trading.

In summary, MEM looks good! And, I like what you said in your post about trading! Sure took me a lot of words to get the point. :)


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11/16/2003 5:10:35 PM

The subject of learning from failures was really driven home when I started trading back in 99.
I bought CMRC at about $250. A day or two later it rapidly dropped to about $200 and finally down to about $150.
This caused me to look into what had caused such a dramatic decline on heavy volume. Turns out the stock had just unlocked millions of shares so that insiders involved in the IPO process could now cash in at these lofty prices.
I learned that often times IPOs will start trading with a tiny fraction of the outstanding shares in their float. Companies like PPRO, ETYS and CMRC started with as little as 9% in the float with as much as 91% of outstanding shares to come available for trading when the lockup period expired 180 days after the IPO became public.
When the stock first begins to trade publically there are so few shares in the float the stock often skyrockets because the supply is extremely limited.
When the remaining shares are unlocked then the price plummets from massive dilution or increased supply.

So what I did was turn the situation around and after charting many similar scenarios began to short stocks that were unlocking. This worked much better.
Just one example of turning a bad situation to ones advantage.

I also learned that if the company is profitable that this unlockup can create a once in a lifetime buying opportunity also.
When the stock bottoms out after the unlockup and breaks trendline resistance they often shoot back up and never look back. Sometimes insiders don't sell at this first opportunity but hold onto their shares because they suspect they can get better prices on down the road. In this case just the fear of the possibility of insders selling drives the stock down temporarily, offering an excellent buying opportunity.

Thanks for the heads up on MEM. I didn't check the insider activity ( shame on me ) but I suspect that with the turnaround in the bottom line this one could easily be going places longer term.
A good example of a turn around on fundamentals is MTEX. If you use Bigcharts and bring up a 3 year chart, under the heading 'UPPER INDICATORS' select 'Show Earnings With Value'. It is easy to see what happened here.

In August and November of 2002 the stock started to show actual earnings.
In December the stock broke trendline resistance and never looked back.
The stock is now up about 897% from that trendline break.

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11/18/2003 1:44:43 AM

The RumpledOne

Have read all the way thru this thread. Very intereting. I am a newbie to StockFetcher. Not to trading. Been at it for about 3 years. I'm 65 and still trying to learn. Would be nice to add some green to the retirement income!

On 11/13/2003 11:01:56 AM

you posted the following link

This is where you can find what you seek.

Is it possible that you could provide message numbers With 3000 Plus messages there a little laser search would be much appreciated.

I have looked at many of the recommendatins you have made in this thread. Impressive! I ran your rsi(2) filter today. Showed 23 hits. Does the info on yahoo tell best way to narrow field to trade?


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11/18/2003 2:05:47 AM


Made it to the yahoo forum. found the file. will be doing some homework.

Hope to see you guys some mornings.



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11/18/2003 11:25:29 AM


I am happy to see that you learned how to "fish".

Too many ask to be "spoon fed" before they put forth any effort.

Feel free to ask questions now.


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11/18/2003 11:26:05 AM


you can find me on

Just pm me and I will invite you into the chat room.

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11/18/2003 5:14:28 PM

Could you post a heads up when you come across other stocks like MTEX in the "Hot Stocks for Tomorrow!". :) Also, what site are you using regards the outstanding shares release date info?

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11/18/2003 8:23:58 PM

NICE CALL on POSO you guys !!!

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