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10/15/2004 1:33:24 AM

Just by useing one simple filter like: show +DI(14) crossing above -DI(14) at close and -DI(14) is below 20 and volume is above 300000. Will generate quite a few positive results. I think the key is to keep filters simple and don't mix them with too many other tools. Some of them negate the other.

Have fun and make some money.


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10/30/2004 2:11:35 PM

Did you get "Potential Filter Error" when u run that?

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10/30/2004 7:41:38 PM

I can't agree with you more.


I have several thousand hours of TradeStation script writing and back testing as a self-employed trader. I worked hard refining and refining and refining scripts only to see it fail time and time again. I've bought thousands of dollars of formulas (scripts) from "professionals", none of them pass muster, all of them fall into and out of favor.


It's all about risk management. Watch your formula's results in the historical results area. Watch closely the % of winners vs the % of losers AND the gain of the winners vs the loss of the losers.

As an example, if your script output is 10% profitable, AND 90% of trades are losses, BUT, the winners are BIG WINNERS, study the losses intensly and write up trading rules to minimize the losses against your account.


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10/30/2004 8:54:40 PM

Remove "at close" to eliminate potential filter error in SF.

Fetcher[show +DI(14) crossing above -DI(14) and -DI(14) is below 20 and volume is above 300000]

Nice Filter Marine.


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