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3/30/2011 3:19:50 PM

I mainly invest in options & I'm finding out that the Renko chart may not be the best chart style to use. The reason is it won't create a new box unless the price is below. By this time your option has lost a lot of value. Do you think I'm correct in this?

Thanks again,


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3/30/2011 6:07:58 PM

Yup. Options are probably not the right investment when using Renko, especially because options suffer from time decay (theta) and Renko charts are time-independent.

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3/31/2011 12:22:24 AM

About 7-8 months ago you posted a chart using the slow stochastics. At that time I heard about stochs, but really didn't pay too much attention to this oscillator. Then all of a sudden a light bulb, albeit, a 40 watt one, but nonetheless a light bulb went off & it told me to look into it further. Fast forward to present because I want to thank you for posting that chart because this oscillator has helped me tremendously. Everyone has their own unique style and this is mine.

Gracias again senor Kevin!


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5/7/2013 10:46:12 PM

FYI, the UK site allows sizing Renko charts on PCT and raw points. No ATR (but doesn't allow PCT).

I find the PCT chart the most useful.

Be VERY careful about manual backtesting using their print dates. On a weekly Renko chart, the date associated with each brick is the day the data was STARTED to be collected in order to determine if the brick prints. I believe this is common practice. What I'm trying to say is that you can get fooled into a "crystal ball" backtest that looks glorious by assuming the brick would have been visible the day after the annotated date, but in reality, it only would have become visible after the close of the 5th trading day (typically Friday).

stockcharts does have "pseudoprints" where a new brick will show up in yellow if it meets the print criteria, but hasn't completed the close yet. Those can disappear on you.

I have yet to convince myself there is a holy grail here. Renko charts seem to clarify price movements, but I don't think they provide earlier triggers. They might provide less confusing triggers.

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5/8/2013 3:50:05 PM

What charting service are you using for the renko charts?

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5/8/2013 4:10:37 PM

I am using for Renko charts.

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5/15/2013 8:21:20 AM

just saw this thread..

Stock Tiger real time renko charts on stock charts plus lots of other good charts.

you just need to refresh manually

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5/17/2013 12:29:31 AM

re: Keltner channels

These types of charts are to easy to make money. Pick a chart, any chart and you will make money at your schedule.

cheat show how to buy and sell a stock cci panel buy back in on 4/23 after it crosses back up and over the zero line. However, would have bought an insurance policy at 146.84 to get back in on the 15th of April.

Just a thought,

Quilln -

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