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12/31/2022 3:03:14 PM

Anyone remember the movie: Run Lola Run? It came out in '98, What a year!

If I remember correctly, it was a German film, so it had English subtitles.

I didn't like having to read the subtitles and having to keep up with the action at the same time...but you know..

A Film in Three Minutes - Run Lola Run

Official Movie Trailer:



/* Run Lola, Run

The Rules:
1.) Stay away from gappers; if it gaps up just a little at the open, that's okay.

2.) Stay away from those stocks that are just now barely crossing above the 20ma (they may come back down).

3.) You want stocks that have been running above the ma(20) for awhile (Lola's run).

4.) Don't hold for more than 3 days (It's better to daytrade).

5.) The first 2 stocks in the first row are usually the best.


market is not etf
market is not otcbb

price is between 1 and 15

average volume(90) is above 50000

volume is above 900000

/* Code below --- important for Lola: */
and close is above open
close is above open 1 day ago
and open is above ma(20) for the last 2 days
and open is above ma(10)
average day range(30) is above 4%
average day range(5) is above 8%
/* End Code */

sort column 7 descending

and add column average day range(30)
and add column average day range(5)
and add column IFT(5,9)

do not draw average day range(30)
do not draw average day range(5)

and stochrsi(28,28) is above .80 for the last 3 days

draw stochrsi(28,28) line .25
draw stochrsi(28,28) line .80

and IFT(5,9) is above .80
draw IFT(5,9) line at -0.80
draw IFT(5,9) line at .80

offset is 0


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1/2/2023 6:08:41 AM

Out of context, but I plan to watch Citizen Kane tonight after being nagged about it for weeks now.

It better be as good as people say

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1/27/2023 10:06:51 AM

Yeah for Friday morning, it's showing: Biaf, Apph, and Soun --- in the first row.

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1/27/2023 10:45:51 AM

@ KSK8

That's what I heard too, I think it was on A&E channel, years ago, about the best movies of all time, and Citizen Kane was at number 1.

Thing is you can go to Youtube, and watch small clips of it, to see if you like the movie. Just type it in in the search field.

Here's some movies I recommend though, they came and went, and went under the radar and no one remembers them, for some unknown reason. From greatest to least in my opinion:




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1/27/2023 11:34:44 AM

Looks like Biaf gave up the ghost

Apph is doing good (so far); it's up over 3%

Soun is doing great! Up above 25%

Remember, stay away from gappers; stocks that gap up hard usually can't go up any higher and may come back down.

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2/13/2023 3:25:32 PM

Is this something I would want to check after market open or when is the best time to check before using it for an intraday trade?

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2/17/2023 10:08:35 AM

After the market closes in the afternoon. Or before the market opens in the morning.

Keep it simple, watch the stocks on Yahoo Finance ---choose the ones that go above yesterday's close.

You can tell, because Yahoo puts a tiny gray tag on the right side of the chart, indicating yesterday's close.

I'm also looking at them on ameritrade's ThinkorSwim.


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6/18/2023 8:49:35 AM


Daytrading is when you buy/sell on the same day. You don't hold over night.

What's the reason for the IFT indicator?

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6/18/2023 6:33:35 PM

That's just for confirmation, if any. It's like the stochrsi (but less volatile) --- if it's above the green line, it's bullish, if it's below the red line, it's bearish.

If it's above the green line for awhile, then that means the stock has been trending for a while --- what I like to call a Lola's Run..

But between the two, it's the StochRSI that's doing the work:

stochrsi(28,28) is above .80 for the last 3 days

That, and the 8th line in the code: ma(20)

You could just use the ift

and IFT(5,9) has been above .80 for the last 3 days

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6/19/2023 6:55:08 PM


Your filter's name caught my attention because I posted the Run Forest, Run filter years ago. Was wondering if it was an adaptation or original.


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