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7/17/2003 2:04:47 AM

For those of you who are new, Wallman's Muddy Method has it's own Yahoo group:

There are currently 86 members with a broad range of experience. Each night we discuss the next day's plays and strategies in detail, using SF - the coolest tool of them all.

- Todd

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7/17/2003 2:13:19 PM

Yes, it is an awesome group, with awesome members, working with an awesome filter. Come join us. Be sure to get caught up first by reading the documents, especially the Muddy Method document, posted under the Files section. Otherwise if you just dive in you will be swimming in questions. Glad to have you. -- BJ

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7/17/2003 5:32:51 PM

Hey BJ (chessnut) you really know what you're talking about!

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7/24/2003 3:09:43 PM

I would like to share an indicator I like to use when choosing which stocks to buy. It is Stochastic RSI. In StockFetcher it is StochRSI. This indicator seems to add a lot of benefit when a system is based on oversold situations like Muddy's BB system. Most people use 14 days but I find the 8 day to be more
useful. BTW this is not my idea. Jeff Cooper (renowned daytrader) uses StochRSI in part of one of his daytrading systems.

Basically, I use Draw StochRSI(8) in my chart settings. If you look
at this indicator when it crosses into 0.9 - 1.0 you'll notice a lot
of stocks seem to go up soon after. When this indicator crosses into
this range it shows interest or strength coming back into the stock.
This can help you flush out some of the very weak stocks or when a
stock is completely out of favor. I am sure we all have seen a few
stocks continue to go down after Muddy's BB filter has identified
some stocks.

Basically I will run Muddy's BB filter, chart which ones have
StochRSI above 0.90 then check out some fundemental stuff in
Investors Business Daily. If the stock looks good from IDB but not
yet above 0.90 I'll keep them in my watch list for up to 5 days and
if/when they cross into that range I'll still consider trading them.
Do some back testing to see if the indicator is useful to you. Good
luck and Good Trading.

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8/8/2003 11:53:55 PM

Again, to get into the nitty gritty of trading the Stockfetcher Method, please join us at

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11/5/2003 6:13:05 PM

Yeah, what he said. If only that Todd guy was making as much as Avery and Muddy.

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11/6/2003 11:38:40 AM

When looking for oversold stocks I would recommend that you also look at the weekly chart. Often times when a stock that is oversold on daily charts continues to drop it is because the Weekly chart stochastic cycle is in distribution and this tends to drive the Daily chart into longer and deeper oversold territory.

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11/6/2003 7:10:24 PM

Tod, thanks for the invite to:

Actually I am already a member but I registered as trapper78217, thanks.


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