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9/8/2007 9:08:07 AM

Time to hone the SHORT screens/ ideas..... and I am searching. .... I have looked at the stocks that rally, with stochastics hitting highs ... etc etc ... but nothing I am thrilled about. Maybe a H.O.W (high of week) with volume slowing??? ...or ???? Lets see what you have!!! THANKS !!!!

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9/8/2007 8:48:34 PM

I grabbed this from and old post ...looks promising. (I modified it a little)

rsi(2) above 90
and rsi(7) above 70
and rsi(14) above 60
and Close above 2
and Average Volume(2) is Below Average Volume(4)
and CLOSE broke Upper Linear Regression Line(60)
and Close reached a new 10 week high
and Average Volume(30) is above 50000
and close is between 2 and 250

... also , I "popped to the top" where I found this ...
....lets hear your thoughts

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9/8/2007 10:22:09 PM

I'm sorry but "RSI(2) above 99" is the worst short filter one can possibly use. Here's why. In a bull market, it ain't unusual to find certain stocks being dragged down only to see them make another leap into the stratosphere. Hence, "RSI(2) below 1" is a viable long filter in a bull market (but try using it in a bear market will ultimately shorten ure life). But how frequent will you find stocks that will buck the trend and rise in a bear market, only to get pummeled again? Hardly ever IMHO. To think that just because "RSI(2) below 1" works in a bull market, it's inverse form must work in a bear market is a Reductio ad absurdum.

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9/9/2007 9:14:45 AM

niko...thanks for your feedback....

I am not a big fan of RSI(2), but when searching the forums for a decent SHORT filter, this little gem gave some promising results...better then the others I have seen. Here is one of the stocks from running this,...GENT is coming down, but in a convoluted way, and seemingly a contradiction, this will be a great example of the short squeeze in action:
as this comes down, as it will, the short covering is going to begin....then the SHORT SQUEEZE begin (too much covering), is going to have this
bounce right back up... the frantic "cover my ass" is going to make this an insane reversal... not for the faint hearted.

GENT $ 24.19
Gentium SpA 0.31
Shares Short 363,600
Days to Cover (Short Ratio) 6.9
Short % of Float 41.53 %
Shares Short - Prior 208,900
Short % Increase / Decrease 74.05 %
Squeeze Ranking™ 165
% from 52-Wk HIGH ( 24.30 ) -0.45 %
% from 52-Wk LOW ( 12.48 ) 48.41 %
% from 200-Day MA ( 18.86 ) 22.03 %
% from 50-Day MA ( 20.01 )17.28 %
Price % Change (52-Wk) 57.60 %
Trading Volume - Today 101,158
Trading Volume - Average 52,800
Trading Volume Vs. Avg. 191.59 %
Total Shares - Float 875,600
Total Shares - Outstanding 11,773,613
% Held by Insiders 0.65 %
% Held by Institutions 27.10 %
Market Cap 284,803,698
EPS -1.76
PE Ratio
Sector: Healthcare
Industry: Drug Manufacturers - Other


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9/11/2007 9:56:18 PM

GENT ....gotta love those shorts $$$$$$$ !

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