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10/25/2018 6:12:48 PM


Does anyone here know if it's possible to develop a screen that specifically looks for this 2-candle set up below?

Pattern: The first candle prints a shooting star tail, the second candle gaps up into that tail, prints a tail of its own and then reverses. Preferably, leaving a red body in the 1st. candles tail.

This is one of my favorite short and highly probable setups.If anyone has any advice or insight on how to create a filter to screen for this 2-candle setup your input would be greatly appreciated!

Here's 3-examples of what I'm looking for:

( ESEA ) - Discard todays candle. Look at the previous two before

( UAVS ) -

( AKER ) -

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3/13/2022 11:59:23 AM

Stumbled upon this and saw it never got a response. It's over 3 years late, but better that than never!

open < high 1 day ago
close < high 1 day ago
open > close 1 day ago
open > open 1 day ago
close > close 1 day ago
close > open 1 day ago
open > close

set{body,abs(open minus close)}
set{head,high - body_top}
body 1 day ago between 0 and 0.02
head > body

do not draw head
do not draw body

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