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9/29/2011 11:10:57 PM

Is it possible, within SF, to design a script that will only look at market activity from 9:30 till 10:00, and 3:30 till 4:00?

Saw a recent article titled 'Smart Money Index' and it spoke about this.


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9/30/2011 3:47:55 AM

I don't think so as SF uses end of day data. Garsworld's stockvision recently added a filter in the software that looks for stocks breaking out of the opening range. If that is what you are looking for you may want to check that out.

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9/30/2011 2:27:37 PM

What you are looking for is an executable RT filter. I dont know of anyone who offers such, I built mine. You execute it based not on time but to scan bars. (i.e. on the 5 min chart the scan runs from bar 72 to 78) for the last 1/2 hour of the market.
For you to do this you would need your own data collector (server) and data plan, including exchange fees. You decide what type of database you want to hold the queryable data. I built small custom java applets to query data but my system is designed primarily for options trading. Tradestation may have a command line for filtering based on timing bar numbers with certain packages. You may want to give TRO (resident TS guru) a direct question about, he should be able to tell you for sure.

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9/30/2011 4:36:30 PM

mahkoh is right,garsworld
seems to be the most reasonable real-time screener for the money. Check him out I think he still has a free one or two week trial.

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9/30/2011 4:59:32 PM

yes you can do graphs on for 1 day and see the buy and sell volume in the same bar 5-10-15-30-and 60 minutes> to get it live it is 10$/month

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