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2/21/2008 10:45:39 AM

Not sure if others are having this problem I am seeing but here goes. I am getting bad filter number hits against my filters I have created in "My Filters" section. As I ask "My Filters" to show me the numbers of hits each filter I have created, it shows hits alright but they are not correct in most cases. For example, if after it does its calculation process it gives me its results, and one of the filters lets say shows it has 446 hits or stocks that match up against that particular filter, when I go into that filter to look at the list of companies (446) I only see 0 or 2 whatever. The numbers are way off? Some filters show correct numbers but a high percentage of them show bad resulting figures.

I have done the usual request after the market has closed and still get bad number results.

Is anyone else having this problem? I never before had a problem with this. It seems like a recent discovery, maybe a month or two now. I thought it might be just a temporary quirk but now it seems to be a consistant problem.

StockFetcher staff, please look into this problem for me and please give me your feedback. Thanks!


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2/21/2008 11:26:35 AM

Your request has been forwarded to StockFetcher support. Any follow-up requests for details or solutions will be sent via email.

In the future, please send all questions for the StockFetcher Support staff directly to or via one of the feedback forms from the help pages.

Thank you, Support

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