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1/25/2016 2:08:09 PM

I'm a bullish investor, I came across this site about 2 weeks ago and had some joy with the filters. Its been great so far.

I'm trying to create a filter that allows me to find stocks that move up atleast 25% within 1 month period and then drop. The idea is to find stocks that gain up to atleast 25%+ in a bullish rally. They then drop (I don't really care how much), then they climb again (atleast 25%).

The bullish rally should be no longer than 1 month (21 trading days), and they must gain atleast 25% in the rally, this will be really beneficial for all swing traders.

A stock that has done this is ticker: ATNM
Have a look at this crazy chart, I have pointed out what I'm after:

Another ticker that has done this is: SUNE

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1/25/2016 6:47:34 PM

You are probably running into a delay having someone post a response because all the hardened members have discovered there is no such thing as a sure thing. Sure something works sometimes but you will find it does not all of the time. Or even if it does work most of the time, the percent on the losers may outweigh the winners.

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1/25/2016 6:58:32 PM

Thanks for getting back.

Even that little something is better than nothing. My intention is not to solely invest based on the outcome of this query, but rather to discover stocks that behave in similar manner as mentioned above. If they are good (subject to further research) then I'll definitely invest.

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1/25/2016 11:13:16 PM

One idea is a filter where price crossed above or is above the EMA(10).

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1/26/2016 3:23:26 AM

Thanks Mac, the MA(10) doesn't really get me what I want. If I go with MA(10), i miss the first few days of the bullish rally.

I'm trying to work this by using oscillator (Slow Stochastic) to pickup the price movement. Have a look:

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1/26/2016 5:30:57 PM

close above 5
average volume(50) above 250000
count(roc(21,1) above 25, 50) above 2
roc(21,1) above 25

This might help. The first two lines simply screen out low volume/low price stocks. The next line

count(roc(21,1) above 24, 50) above 2

requires that the stock have had at least two instances within the last 50 days where the 21 day return was more than 25 percent - you cannot screen out instances where that occurs on consecutive days without visual inspection, though.

The final line

roc(21,1) above 25

requires that one of those two instances is occurring today.

You can change the look back period in line 3 from 50 days to whatever you want.

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1/28/2016 7:14:23 PM

add "Not ETF" to remove those pesky Vix etf's...

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