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1/23/2006 10:10:23 PM

I searched and found one and didnt like it mush does anyone else have a good swing filter?

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1/23/2006 10:29:07 PM


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1/25/2006 6:44:22 PM

Although I'm largely sceptical over many filters (call it trading systems), I'm firing this one off for ure asking. For the record, I don't endorse this filter so I'm not to be held responsible for any actions you take as a result of this filter. I also encourage you to test it before committing ure hard-earned cash.

Quick explanation of the filter: it's rather uncumbersomely simple. I take the crossover of the EMA(17) of CCI(18) above the zero line as my long entry and the crossover of slow stochastics(7,3) below the 70 line from above as my exit parameter. Reverse course for short entry/exit.

/*Long entry*/
cema(cci(18),17) crossed above 0

Once the long is initiated, wait until the Stoch(7,3) crosses back below the 70 line. Sometimes it never quite goes over 70. At those times, use the crossover between the two stochs instead (i.e., ss(7) & ss(3))

/*Short exit*/
cema(cci(18),17) crossed below 0

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1/26/2006 8:52:11 AM

Fetcher[/* gain or loss for 3 day holding period*/

set{x, close - close 3 days ago}
set{y, x/close 3 days ago}
set{3day_result, y*100}

/* stop is based on volatility when rsi(2) < 1 */

set{stop_loss%,avg day range(3) 3 days ago * 1.5}

/* setup*/
rsi(2) 4 days ago below 1

/* trigger. market on close order if true */

and close 3 days ago > close 4 days ago and close 3 days ago < 4% above close 4 days ago

and price between 1 and 10
close above 1 and avg vol(90) > 100000
add column 3day_result
add column stop_loss%
and offset is 60

All of the above is simply rsi(2) < 1 with an example of swing trade rules. Substitute your own filters/rules as you wish.

The above looks for a "geen day" ( by < 4%) after rsi(2) < 1 the previous day.
Enter on close of green day and hold for three days, exiting on close.
Stop loss % is 1.5X day range(3) when rsi(2) was < 1

The offset x days is the day the trade is over/exited.

If 3day_result more negative than stop_loss% then you were stopped out, hopefully at stop_loss%.

Performance column is what would have happenned if you broke or "modified" the rules and stayed with the trade.

This is a visual method that I like and I get a better idea of a plan after I run it through the SF backtesting tool. Results in real trading will of course differ. Its tedious but some would scratch data into cave walls if it made them a better trader! TRO came up with this idea in a previous posting.

Good Luck.

ps. Dosen't offset 60 have a couple of nice divergence examples where original
rsi(2) < 1 set up and trade failed, then, price made new low and rsi(2) did

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