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9/13/2010 1:16:29 PM

Big fan of the TRO milk the cow filter .

Decided to put my own spin on this filter. If you are not sure what Milk the COws is...Check out this thread here

TRO was originaly looking for 50 cents...I have adjusted this filter to indicate 2% and 3%....

SO the new colums indicate how oftern a stock made a 2% and a 3% gain and also loss. it also adds colums for the average # of times it made the 3% (short and long as well I have added a column for long short diff.

If these colums show a negative number then that stock has lost 2 or3% more oftern than gained 2 or 3% and is therefore statistically a better short

If the number is positive then it is statistically a better long. Feel free to edit and use for your own needs.

/* MTC CHECKER by % */

volume above 1000000
and Average Volume(30)is above 1000000
close today above 10

set{HiOp, high - open}
set{hi2, open*1.02}
set{ hi3, open*1.03}
set{HiOpCnt, count( HiOp above .10, 100)}
set{HiOp3Cnt, count (high above hi3, 100)}
set{HiOp2Cnt, count (high above hi2,100)}
set{HiOp50, count( HiOp above .50, 100)}

set{OpLo, open - low}
set{lo2, open*0.98}
set{lo3, open*0.97}
set{OpLoCnt, count( OpLo above .10, 100)}
set{OpLo2Cnt, count(low below lo2, 100)}
set{OpLo3Cnt, count(low below lo3, 100)}
set{OpLo50, count( OpLo above .50, 100)}

set{LongShortDiff, HiOp3Cnt-OpLo3Cnt}
set{longaverage, HiOp3Cnt/HiOpCnt}
set{shortaverage, OpLo3Cnt/OpLoCnt}
set{Op3avdiff, HiOp3Cnt-OpLo3Cnt}
set{Op2avdiff, HiOp2Cnt-OpLo2Cnt}
set{totalop2, HiOp2Cnt+OpLo2Cnt}
set{totalop3, HiOp3Cnt+OpLo3Cnt}

HiOp2Cnt above 50

add column HiOpCnt
add column HiOp2Cnt
add column HiOp3Cnt
add column longaverage
add column OpLoCnt
add column OpLo2Cnt
add column OpLo3Cnt
add column shortaverage
add column totalop2
add column totalop3
add column Op3avdiff
add column Op2avdiff

sort column 6 descending

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9/21/2010 5:41:35 PM

I did a % filter in the RUN FOREST, RUN thread.

Nice work.

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9/21/2010 7:45:36 PM

Thanks TRO....I am going to have to re-read that....Dang! You mean I did duplicate work? I hate when that happens...!
Have been using thisfor a while now and it has gone well

IN and out of TEN today.

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10/16/2010 1:20:40 PM

Been thinking about this filter and using it for the last little while for good day trade candidates.

Have a new take on it.

I have been setting stops at:
if it moves 0.5%against me - sell 65% of position
if it moves1% - sell remaining position

if it goes my way

sell 50% at 1% - move stop to break even
sell 25% at 2% - move stop to 1% gain
sell 25% at 2% or when price crosses the 20EMA on the 5 min

So I am now running the filter looking for counts on how often in the last 100 days a stock made 3% off the open to how often it lost 1% on the open.

Now I am exporting the results to exel and ranking the stocks so I am trading long the stocks that have statistically made 3% the most in the last 100 days while losing 1% the least.

It is not always the stock that made 3% most often that is the leader but statistically I think this makes more sense.

Anyone care to comment? TRO?

Anyone with a degree in statistics want to break a hole in my theory?

This is the long only version. According to this IVN and BID are the best long candidates. Meaning They made 3% the most ofte while losing 1% the least often


volume above 1000000
and Average Volume(30)is above 1000000
open between 20 and 60
and average day range (30) is above 3%
set{HiOp, high - open}
set{hi3, open*1.03}
set{HiOpCnt, count( HiOp above .10, 100)}
set{HiOp3Cnt, count (high above hi3, 100)}

set{OpLo, open - low}
set{lo1, open*0.99}
set{OpLoCnt, count(lo1 above .10, 100)}
set{OpLo1Cnt, count(low below lo1, 100)}

set{long3average, HiOp3Cnt/HiOpCnt}
set{stopaverage, OpLo1Cnt/OpLoCnt}

add column HiOp3Cnt
add column long3average
add column OpLo1Cnt
add column stopaverage

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