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7/22/2010 12:06:56 PM

Hope this is helpful ...

Fetcher[set{H, high 30 week high}
set{L, low 30 week low}
set{D, H - L}
set{Q, D / 3}
set{HH, H - Q}
set{R, D / 2}
set{M, L + R}
set{LL, L + Q}
draw price line at H
draw Price line at L
draw Price line at HH
draw price line at M
draw price line at LL

set{up,count(close above close 1 day ago,1)}
set{down,count(close below close 1 day ago,1)}
set{MF, pivot * volume}
set{UPMF, MF * up}
set{PMF, sum(UPMF,3)}
set{DNMF, MF * down}
set{NMF, sum(DNMF,3)}
set{ratio, PMF / NMF}
set{MFI, 1 + ratio}
set{MFSI, 100 / MFI}
set{MFRSI, 100 - MFSI}

set{dollars, close * average volume(30)}
set{dol1, dollars one day ago}
set{d1dif, dollars - dol1}
set{dol1p, d1dif / dol1}
set{cash1dpct, dol1p * 100}
set{dol3, dollars three days ago}
set{d3dif, dollars - dol3}
set{dol3p, d3dif / dol3}
set{cash3dpct, dol3p * 100}
set{dol5, dollars five days ago}
set{d5dif, dollars - dol5}
set{dol5p, d5dif / dol5}
set{cash5dpct, dol5p * 100}
set{dol7, dollars 7 days ago}
set{d7dif, dollars - dol7}
set{dol7p, d7dif / dol7}
set{cash7dpct, dol7p * 100}
set{dol9, dollars 9 days ago}
set{d9dif, dollars - dol9}
set{dol9p, d9dif / dol9}
set{cash9dpct, dol9p * 100}

draw rsi(2)
draw prsi9 on plot rsi(2)
set{z%, close/ ema(20)}

set{X, high}
set{Y, low }
set{Z, close}
set{a, X + Y}
set{J, a + z}
set{piv, j / 3}

set{pma3, cema(piv, 3)}
set{pma9, cema(piv, 9)}
set{my_macd, pma3 - pma9}
set{MACMA, cema(my_macd, 6)}
set{signal, cema(my_macd,1)}
set{zero, 0}
draw my_macd
draw signal on plot my_macd
draw MACMA on plot my_macd
draw zero on plot my_macd
set{PMA6, cma(piv, 6)}
set{PMA22, cma(piv, 22)}
draw PMA6 on plot price
draw pma22 on plot price

set{ph6,high 6 day high}
set{pl6, low 6 day low}
set{pc6, close 6 day close}
set{pa, ph6 + pl6}
set{pb, pa + pc6}
set{p6day, pb / 3}
set{ph17,high 17 day high}
set{pl17, low 17 day low}
set{pc17, close 17 day close}
set{pa17, ph17 + pl17}
set{pb17, pa17 + pc17}
set{p17day, pb17 / 3}
set{ph22,high 22 day high}
set{pl22, low 22 day low}
set{pc22, close 22 day close}
set{pa22, ph22 + pl22}
set{pb22, pa22 + pc22}
set{p22day, pb22 / 3}
set{ph70,high 70 day high}
set{pl70, low 70 day low}
set{pc70, close 70 day close}
set{pa70, ph70 + pl70}
set{pb70, pa70 + pc70}
set{p70day, pb70 / 3}

set{UPCT, count(close touched upper bollinger band(17), 1 )}
set{DNCT, count(close touched lower bollinger band(17), 1 )}

set{diff1, close - pma6}
set{diff2, diff1 / pma6}
set{PMA6PCT, diff2 * 100}
set{XMAC, count(close my_macd crossed macma, 1 )}

set{Xpma22, count(price crossed above pma22 from below, 1 )}

draw p6day
draw p17day on plot p6day
draw p22day on plot p6day
draw p70day on plot p6day

chart-time is 6 months
price between .1 and 10
draw bollinger band(17,1.5)
draw ema(150)
average volume (40) > 500000
add column separator
add column z%
add column separator
add column average day range(50)
add column separator
add column piv
add column pma6
add column pma6pct
add column pma22
add column separator
add column XMAC
add column Xpma22
add column separator
add column ratio
add column MFRSI
add column separator
add column rsi(2)
add column prsi9
add column separator
add column cash1dpct
add column cash3dpct
add column cash5dpct
add column cash7dpct
add column cash9dpct
add column separator
add column bollinger difference(17,1.5)
add column UPCT
add column DNCT
add column separator

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Ignore Kevin_in_GA
7/22/2010 12:20:03 PM

Filter exceeds performance restrictions - looking at this quickly, I doubt it can be reduced in complexity for the unwashed masses (e.g., me).

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