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10/7/2003 4:34:06 AM

The filter artistry this month has been awesome, but in this Bull market the nice gainers are in all price ranges,not just penny-dollar stocks.I have been re-ranging all of these filters mainly to get 'everyday' picks such as AOL,XLNX,YHOO,exc.Don't forget to do this,might be surprised at what you find.
Fetcher[Show stocks where the 60 day slope of the close is above 0 and where RSI(2) is below 20 and where close is greater than close 1 day ago and close is between 2 and 60 and average volume(90) is above 100000 and date offset 0]

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10/7/2003 12:33:19 PM


I pity you.

You know I do NOT take all the credit. So quit the B.S. Anyone can check the posts and see for themselves. The whole system/strategy is laid out.

Also, if you read the posts you will see the the LR/RSI combo was mentioned BEFORE.

But since you are a paper trader it doesn't matter.

I know you like to attempt to rattle my cage but it don't work.

I have to catch my flight from Cabo now.. bye bye JOE G.

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10/7/2003 1:09:10 PM

Half of the stocks that show up on your filter on a 5 day offset are RED.
Toss it.

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10/7/2003 1:16:15 PM

Dear Rumpled,
You posted on my thread - your cage was rattled. I don't post on your threads.

Have a nice save trip and get lots of tips waiting those tables.


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10/8/2003 2:33:23 AM

Joe G.

I see your problem, you don't read.

I just got back from Cabo, not heading there.

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10/8/2003 7:52:26 AM

Welcome back. How were the tips?

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10/8/2003 4:18:19 PM

Joe G:

Your ignorance is only exceeded by your stupidity.

When you post real confirmations, perhaps then, you will be taken seriously.

In the meantime, go play monopoly and leave trading to those with real cash.

P.S. even if one did wait tables, their tips would be real money... more than your paper profits.

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10/8/2003 4:36:11 PM

Hey all,

Enough with the flame wars! We're getting flooded with complaints regarding several individuals.

Lets try to keep things constructive and take the battles elsewhere (a good old-fashion Doom death match is a nice start).


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10/10/2003 8:02:27 AM

I really agree!

This is a forum for exchanging filters and discussing their merits. Let's preserve and attitude of politeness, respect and learning from each other.
Let's be adults and not kindergarten kids.

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10/10/2003 9:10:30 AM

Hey StockFetcher:

I understand and agree.

If anyone wants to complain to me personally, feel free.

I learned a few good life lessons:

1) About 99% of the arguments I had in my adult life were futile and could have been avoided had I realized that “- there are ideas and values that most people accept, and it is pointless to argue.” “The reason arguments do not work is that most people hold their ideas and values without thinking about them. There is a strong emotional content in their beliefs: They really do not want to have to rework their habits of thinking, and when you challenge them, whether directly through your arguments or indirectly through your behavior, they are hostile.” That comes from THE 48 LAWS OF POWER, by Robert Greene. Wish that book was available back in high school/college… would have save me (and perhaps you too – lol) much grief.

2) Similarly, “Experience has shown that reason and logic can never change perceptions, emotions, prejudices and beliefs. Yet we continue in the pious hope that if everyone would ‘see reason’ the world would be so much better. As we shall see later, there are very good reasons why logic will never affect emotions and beliefs. The only way to do this is through perception. But we have totally failed to develop an understanding of perception.” That is from I AM RIGHT, YOU ARE WRONG by Edward DeBono.

3) From a life experience, I have learned that ASSOCIATION is the key to everything. It is never the THING but rather what one ASSOCIATES with the THING that’s important. One person sees the flag and feels patriotic, while another feels disgusted. It is not the flag that causes the feeling, it is the associations the person makes. That answers just about every “WHY” question there is as far as people are concerned. Why do people do, act, and think the way they do? It’s the associations that they make! Find a person’s associations and you find their key.

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