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4/7/2008 1:38:01 PM

its frozen my computer enough times that i stopped trying it out.

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4/9/2008 9:50:59 AM



Do you use a real time scanner for this filter, or do you depend on the 20 minute StockFetcher delay data?

P.S. I love this little skyrocket filter... Where did you get the idea for it?

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4/9/2008 4:20:46 PM

Hi jimhbutton,
Thanks for the kind words. I "assembled" this filter after I wrote in my own words all that should happen to make a stock go up. ( see the beginning of this tread). It's more or less the same how you would describe a succesfull shop: more and more people(=OBV) bring in an increasing amount of money(=MFI) and the better clients rush in (= close>15) and a lot of clients rush in (=vol>500k) etc etc. I love simple things. (thats why I love women :) .

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4/10/2008 8:27:48 AM

Hi ludowillems,

Thanks for giving me the rationale behind your filter. It's a beauty, as are those "simple things" that you mentioned :)

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4/13/2008 10:39:18 AM

hi ludowillems

thanks for your filters, seems great.

i would like to understand better when exactly ( at what time ) you run the filter and when to you enter to the trade. are you filtering at the end of a day and enter to position at the opennig of the next day?

another thing, does the market direction influance your entering ?

thanks and sorry for bad spelling ( i am from overseas )


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4/13/2008 12:44:12 PM

Hello Elis58, never mind the spelling, I live in Belgium, so also "overseas"! To answer your questions:
1. I run the filter after close of the markets, so "end of day"
2. Since it is a short-term filter (at least, that was the original intention) I included a line in it that requires the trend of the short MA to be positive in the last 3 days.
3.I enter next morning at market price
4. Even if the outlook is short-term, I eveluate the charts EOD, and hold longer if charts look favorable (ex: U.S.Steel , up 20% in two weeks)
Best regards, Ludo Willems

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4/14/2008 7:16:34 AM

thanks for answer,

did you backtest your filter, i have got some confussing results, did you get any define results?



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4/14/2008 10:38:01 AM


Thanks for the filter,
by the way, what is a CFD with leverage 10 you mentioned?

Also I see you're trying to make a clickable filter. You don't put fetcher at the end. It is the bracket that goes at the end and fetcher and bracket goes at the start

Fetcher[ your filter ]

there can't be a space between fetcher and the bracket or it won't work


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4/14/2008 10:44:57 AM

Hello Trek,
Thanks for the advice to make it clickable. The CFD's I use are Contract For Difference, meaning that you control a large amount in the market with limited own resources. Do a Google on it, you get a myriad hits.
Or check this out:
Best regards,
Ludo Willems

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4/16/2008 7:41:06 PM

Has anyone succeeded in configuring setups for "MadScan" Scanner in realtime mode to monitor the picks obtained from the suggested Short term Bullish filter posted in SF?

I do have the required user code to use MadScan.

You may respond to my inquiry using my email address


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