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5/14/2005 10:19:00 PM

Use this as your exit strategy, and ROI increases ! (LONGS)

This is a trailing profit stop ... very effective. When the price trend is going up, the stop gets re adjusted to the current condition. This is set for a 6% pull back... but you can make it a value that suits your style ...

Just cut and paste this into you Bactesting EXIT.

trigp is less than price

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2/9/2006 2:04:28 AM

xplorer, Thank you for posting your exit.

I created a filter and backtested using your trailing stop calculation. The symbol ILE turned up on the list with the following parameters:
Sybl TrigDate Entry$ ExDate Exit$ DD MaxProfit
ILE 04/22/2005 5.50 04/27/2005 4.55 -25.45% 6.91% 5.11

Here is a listing of the daily performance (didn't get a good fill!):
27-Apr-05 4.55 4.65 4.50 4.55
26-Apr-05 4.42 4.84 4.30 4.55
25-Apr-05 5.50 5.88 4.10 4.41
22-Apr-05 5.90 5.99 5.70 5.88

It was purchased on April 22st and the stop triggered the sell on April 27th. Why wouldn't it have sold on April 26th? I would assume the stop is being calculated on the previous days close and open and it would only have these parameters on the second day, April 25th, representing the first full day of trading - 5.50 X .94 = 5.17. Wouldn't the low for April 26th of 4.30 have triggered the stop?

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2/10/2006 10:48:01 PM

Got it, figured it out.

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