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12/25/2008 3:03:21 PM

I am looking for a filter which is a combo of RFR ( RUN F0rest RUN ) 10% poppers or which is going to POP most the last 30 days for example..

I am looking to find stocks which has been popping HUGE before but have been dead for some time, but is trying to make some signs that it is going ALIVE again.


set{xRange, high - low}
set{AvgRng, cma(xRange,5) }
set{HiOp, high - open}
set{Long_Profit, HiOp/open }

set{B10A, count(Long_Profit > .10 , 100)}

set{A10A, count(Long_Profit > .10 , 1)}
set{chg, sum( A10A - A10A 1 day ago ,5)}

set{ opcl1, open - close 1 day ago }
set{ clop, close - open }
set{ oplo, open - low }
set{ locl, close - low }

set{ nightup, count( opcl1 above 0, 100) }
set{ dayup, count( clop above 0, 100) }

set{chgn, sum( opcl1 ,5)}
set{chgd, sum( clop ,5)}

set{chgn100, sum( opcl1 ,100)}
set{chgd100, sum( clop ,100)}
set{hiop100, sum( hiop ,100)}
set{oplo100, sum( oplo ,100)}
set{locl100, sum( locl ,100)}

and add column B10A {GT10%}
B10A{GT10%} is above 10
and add column nightup
and add column dayup
and add column opcl1
and add column clop
add column chgn100
add column chgd100
add column hiop100
add column oplo100
add column locl100

and add column separator

and add column AvgRng

and add column separator
add column industry
add column sector
and add column separator



PE is between 3 and 30
ROE is above 15
Williams %R(2) is increasing 1-day ago
Projection Oscillator(14) is increasing 1-day
RSI(2) is below RSI(2) 1 day ago
volume is above 100000
close is above 1

sort column 5 descending

This is finding the stocks which are popping mostly over 10%.

But I need some help to tweak or remake this filter. What I am searching for is stocks like lets say "Freddie Mac" for example where we saw the huge run over 100-200% in a huge breakout or lets say RDN which is popping huge many times.

If we take RDN for example we know that this stock is the one popping mostly over 10% but how do we tweak a filter that are going long on the RIGHT times.

But there should also be a criteria that the stock has NEVER been trading around RS(5) under 30 over 3-4 days. So that means that the stock have never been around this point for many days. That would increase the chance to get a stock which is turning around when the RSI is going down to 30 and then turning around.

Lets look at RDN at the chart. I see that RSI(5) or SLOW stochastic 5, 3 is one of the best to find turning points to go long in the stock.


- Find stocks which volume is above 100000
- Find stocks which is popping most times over 10%
- Find stocks which have not been trading under RSI(5) - 30 over 5 days
- Find stocks which is turning around from going down a lot

This is a filter which is fore SWING traders 1-14 days maximum. This should be finding the BEST poppers which is going to pop the next 14 days.

Thank you
Thank you !

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12/25/2008 10:12:49 PM

I was actually been thinking about this as I stumbled on this thread.

I think the point your trying to get at is finding the stocks that historically have made huge pops, and have recently decreased n volatility and are "due" for another possible run.

Using TRO's included scan, I remember reading a post from the 13th floor that compared 30 day ADR and 10 day ADR, and I think the idea was to find similar stocks.. What was trying to do with that is make an ongoing list from each day (the list differs each day) and create a focus list of these stocks. (reason being, if you use the "X days back results" function,you will see many of these do run a few days AFTER they show up on the scan...

What is hard to manage is maintaining a roster of these without it getting too big, etc...

Perhaps if 13th floor or TRO could chime in or the relationship/importance b/w the 30 and 10 day % it could help.



set{ADR10, Average Day Range(10) }
set{ADR30, Average Day Range(30) }

and add column Average Day Range(10)
and add column Average Day Range(30)
and add column separator

add column ADR10{(wk)}
add column ADR10 1 week ago{(-1wk)}
add column ADR10 2 weeks ago{(-2wk)}
add column ADR10 3 weeks ago{(-3wk)}
add column ADR10 4 weeks ago{(-4wk)}

and add column separator

add column ADR30{(wk)}
add column ADR30 1 week ago{(-1wk)}
add column ADR30 2 weeks ago{(-2wk)}
add column ADR30 3 weeks ago{(-3wk)}
add column ADR30 4 weeks ago{(-4wk)}
and add column separator

add column industry
add column sector
and add column separator


average day range(30) above 10
average day range(10) above 10
average day range(30) below average day range(10)
Market is not OTCBB

sort column 5 descending

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12/26/2008 6:20:05 AM

Yes it's something like that. We know by TROS STATS scan which stocks are popping most of the times, and then we need to know. What are the SIGNALS which mostly shows us a new pop is coming? I really dont know how to make such a filter, but it could be awesome if you make one like that. The most IMPORTANT is just to know WHICH stocks have been running HUGE before (maybe over 50-100% in a few days) and then when it is going dead then it could run again.

If we look at RDN it is the best popper out there for huge run up and huge droppings...

When I look at RDN for example I am trying to figure out, which is the best RSI to use to THIS stock because what I think is that there is different RSI values which works to different stocks. If we look at RDN RSI(5) is the most precise value to get.

That means right now that RDN wont pop up right now but around 2.5 it could pop up again. I also see that everytime RSI(5) crossing the line of 30 with RDN it is going up several days after. We need to find VOLATILE or how you spell it stocks.

Lets try to work together to make such a great filter.

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12/26/2008 10:01:27 AM

PRICE GOING UP is the signal that is telling us it could POP!

PRICE doesn't react to indicators!!

You traders need to learn that indicators react to PRICE.

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12/26/2008 10:32:18 AM

I think the best way to do get what you are looking for is to

a) find the proper stocks.. (which you have done with the TRO RFR and day rangers, among others etc)

b) THEN take your focus list, and combine the range/contraction filter to identify contraction/decreased volatility opportunities.. This is probleablt the closest you will get to "predicting" another big move..

Will it miss moves? of course, but probably the closest you will get..
That thread has many variations of that concept.. Focus mainly on the newer stuff I would guess...

I would imagine, this combination of filters would be pretty powerfull when used on fairly liquid issues.. I stay away from OTCBB and stocks under $2 anyway, I could care less abotu them.

I really cant think of any other way..

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