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9/4/2007 3:58:29 PM

Has anyone ever tried power ratings lists as a watch list to run filters against? Just like to know any experiences pro or con.Do any of the SF Filter Writing Gurus have any ideas on the criteria for the "Power Ratings" lists so I could develop my own or maybe some personal offerings for watchlist scans.

Thanks guys

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9/4/2007 4:47:22 PM

I did something similar with Real nice people and site. In the right margin they list their "Dashboards". These are pretty much all of their jellybeans. I used their ratings and stocks in the "sweetspot" = green zone. I placced them in a watch list. I run a Bollinger squeeze on the watch list, similar to the IBD 100.

Manifest has a 30 trial. Go in and check it out (not affliated).

Recently SCSS popped out of the filter.

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9/4/2007 6:38:46 PM

Yup, that BB squeeze is a real hoot. Too bad these crazy fluctuations in the market have kept the IBD 100 bouncing like a bull kicked down the stairs.

20 days of even that too much to ask?

Instead of trying to find more stocks to include I have kept the IBD 100 and am using three other filters that have backtested excellent results. One of which I found on here which is a linear regression filter, another is an RSI crossover filter (I tweaked one of M4M's filters I think)and the last is an 8-day price pattern. All very simple, all very effective.

Of course, I am always interested in others' strategies...I think just takes the good stocks and ranks them high on a pullback. Not a bad strategy. Very simple, very effective.

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9/8/2007 2:23:47 PM

The power ratings are a countertrend system. You could easily reproduce similar results using a longer term ema (to establish trend) and 2 short term ema's to establish oversold areas.

An MACD would work as well but introduces instability that straight moving averages do not exhibit.

Concentrating on small, high probability moves in established up trends is a better strategy than trying to catch long term "investment" type moves in stocks that haven't proven their upside bias yet.

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