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11/12/2004 10:34:58 PM

For those of you who read TASC here is TTF

/* TTF Trend Trigger Factor, Buy Power, Sell Power */
/* From TASC pg.28 12/04 by M.H. Pee */

set{buyPower1, high 15 day high}
set{buyPower2, low 15 day low 15 days ago}
set{15dayBuyPower, buyPower1 minus buyPower2}

set{sellPower1, high 15 day high 15 days ago}
set{sellPower2, low 15 day low}
set{15daySellPower, sellPower1 - sellPower2}

set{scratch1, 15dayBuyPower - 15daySellPower}
set{scratch2, 15dayBuyPower + 15daySellPower}
set{scratch3, scratch2 * .5}
set{scratch4, scratch1 / scratch3}
set{15dayTTF, scratch4 * 100}

AND price above 1
AND 15dayTTF above 100
AND volume above 100000

AND draw buyPower1 on plot price
AND draw buyPower2 on plot price
AND draw 15dayBuyPower
AND draw 15daySellPower on plot 15dayBuyPower
AND draw 15dayTTF

AND add column 15dayTTF column 5

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12/18/2004 12:11:19 AM

Waht is TASC? I'm unfanilair wit it and would like to read the referenced article but I need to know what TASC is in order to do so.
Imperial Whazoo

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12/18/2004 2:40:40 AM


Awesome, can you now do the "Detecting Breakouts" one in January? :)


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12/19/2004 7:59:42 AM

THANK YOU Yepher!!

TASC is "Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities". It is commonly found on the magazine rack of Borders and Barnes & Noble bookstores. However, it is probably hard to find the December issue now that January is out. Their website is

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12/27/2004 1:31:08 AM


Sorry for the late reply I have been out of town for most of November and December. I will try and implement the featured indicator for January's TASC when I get home to read the magazine.


I saw in another thread you had asked about Metastock and Stockfetcher indicator. I use Metastock a lot and have made a document that shows the syntax relationship between both systems. I will try and pull it together into something that someone other than me can uderstand. I will post it when it is ready.

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12/28/2004 11:47:04 PM


I tried to implement the break-out system from Jan TASC but I could not get it to work in SF. The issues I ran into are SF does not already have an FVE indicator and SF also does not support finding the Standard Deviation of a set of values.

Both of the problems are easy to solve by calculating them manually but the "set{...}" command does not allow you to nest very far.

Here is the link to the FVE article for those of you who subscribe to TASC:

and the Volatility-modified finite volume element (FVE) indicator formula:

PERIOD:= Input("PERIOD FOR FVE",5,80,22);
COEF:=Input("COEF FOR CUTOFF",0,2,.1);
FVE:=Sum(If(MF>CUTOFF, +V, If(MF <-CUTOFF, -V,0)),


Here is the link to TTF in TASC:

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12/30/2004 12:27:21 AM


I really appreciate your effort. I use your site almost every day, btw. I would really like to emulate the zigzag, peak and trough functions in Metastock. If you have tackled that, I would really appreciate it, since that comprises a large part of my real life trading system.

I really like to buy on market structure, buying when the price exceeds the last peak - selling on the opposite condition. In real life I define a peak as a high bar preceded by two lower highs, and followed by two lower highs.

Metastock allows me to use the peak function, which isn't quite the same, but works for me. I set it at 1%, and that gives me pretty good peaks for what I trade.

Thanks for your help,

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