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12/2/2010 12:39:48 AM

Can any of you coding guru's tell me if I coded TEMA formula correctly.
Tema=(3XEMA)-(3xEMA of EMA)+(EMAofEMAofEMA)
This is what I came up with below.
set{A4,3 * A2}
set{A5, 3 * A1}
set{A6,A5 - A4}
set{A7,A6 + A3}

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12/2/2010 12:45:54 AM

TRIX Oscillator


Parameters PERIOD
Description The TRIX is an oscillator developed by Jack Huton which uses a triple-smoothed EMA to produce a resulting signal that is fairly tolerant to recent volatile price moves. This ability to ignore recent volatility produces a trend oscillator that can assist in following current trends.

The construction of the TRIX requires a single period. Essentially, 3 successive EMA's are computed from this period.

In addition to the primary TRIX signal, a smoothed signal is presented along with the TRIX that further reduces volatility. This smoothing is an n-day EMA of the raw TRIX value.

Finally, StockFetcher also provides a TRIX Histogram. Which, similar to the MACD Histogram, measures the difference between the TRIX signal and the smoothed , or slower, EMA of the TRIX.
Fetcher[Show stocks where the TRIX(30,9) crossed above 0 within the last 1 day]

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12/2/2010 11:18:28 AM

Thank You for your responce four. Please do not get me wrong. I very much appreciate any help that I can get when it comes to stocks. However, I was realy trying to learn how to code. So that in the future I would be able to stand on my own when it comes to coding specialized screens. Lol, I guess I coded the TEMA wrong hugh?

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