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6/10/2006 11:25:09 AM

Got an email from someone that was looking for a "long" filter, so I gave him one....but then told him he should use one of my favorite indicators....VFI(130). I'm sure many of you out there are very familiar with this one, and if you you know how to construct VFI(130)into filter form? If so....his name is "Dennis," and I know he would be very grateful! BTW, the formula can be found in the June,2004 issue of Stocks and Commodities Magazine for anyone interested. I use it at

Many Thanx,

- Rick Riggs -

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6/10/2006 12:49:15 PM

Volume Flow Indicator (VFI) by Markos Katsanos

Using Money Flow to Stay with the Trend
Markos Katsanos' article "Using Money Flow to Stay with the Trend" did not have a MetaStock Trader's Tip as the article contained all the formulas.

PERIOD:=Input("PERIOD FOR VFI",5,1300,130);
VCOEF:=Input("MAX VOLUME CUTOFF",0,50,2.5);




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6/13/2006 7:14:21 PM

Anybody want to convert that to SF?

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6/13/2006 7:35:52 PM

You might as well get a head start in learning some MetaStock codes, considering that you'll want to use it in the foreseeable future. Here's a link to the copy of "MetaStock Pro 8.0 Manual" and "MetaStock Formula Primer":

http://** removed by stockfetcher **

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6/14/2006 10:59:25 PM

Why would I want to learn it in the forseable future? I write my own automated trading software. ;)

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