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5/13/2011 4:42:48 AM

What I am looking for some help how to make a filter which can look at stocks which is having a "WEEKLY bullish engulfing pattern"

I see that it works on daily but cant get it to work on the weeklies - can someone trick it?

The thing I am looking for if you look at stocks like:


Take a look at the weekly chart of all of them - especially OXGN.

So far I made a filter:

Price is below 10
market is not otcbb
weekly slow stochastics(14) is below 20
The first signal the filter should give you is the break of 2$ in OXGN - with the volume increasing. Not sure how to make it , but I wanna try to catch a stock like OXGN when it makes the break of 2$.

Same goes on if we look at DSCO - Above 2$ then the filter should alert me , same pattern with oversold weeklies - then volume increase and the break of 2$

Same goes on with QTWW...

Weekly is oversold again and then it moves - should alert me on break of 3$ with volume

Anyone see what I mean - or you have a filter which looks like it can catch those ones on weekly charts ?


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5/13/2011 6:53:34 PM

I tried to come up with a filter myself

price is below 5
market is not otcbb

weekly RSI(14) is below 35
draw Money Flow Index(15)

weekly MACD Histogram(12,26,9) has increased last 2 weeks
weekly Slow Stochastics Slow %D(14) is below 20
price crossed above weekly EMA(3)

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5/13/2011 6:57:11 PM

But if everyone could take a note on especially OXGN - then you can see there is also a bullish MACD divergence on the MACD histogram.

But I want a filter to show me those kinds of stocks which is in a big downtrend for many months like OXGN (Downtrend since 2010 actually)....

And then the filter should find it on first good pop 20th april - or the pop at 1st May.

So the filter should find only those stocks with this setup like OXGN had and alert me on one of those dates.

Its important that the filter show me stocks in a big downtrend for a long time.......and if there is an MACD positive divergence it would be even better.

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