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9/8/2009 7:03:24 PM

I would love to be able to have us each have a trading journal where we record trades, talk about personal strategies, etc, or even just to be more social within a more personal frameowrk.

There is absolutely no reason why SF couldn't expand its Forums to include these for subscribers.


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9/8/2009 7:51:15 PM

i agree

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9/8/2009 8:36:55 PM

I just started my own thread.......

You should start you own...

Just start a thread Ks blog.....and start putting it out dont have to be a member to read the fourms anyway....

On second thought dont use the word blog...might attract trolls......

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9/8/2009 8:42:06 PM


Sorry about the caps - not yelling.

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9/8/2009 11:05:00 PM

Great idea Kevin.Everyone should keep their own personal trading log for all trades.That's the only way you develop competency.To know what's working & what's not.I make notes on every trade I take.The key is to see a pattern in what trades are profitable.What time of day are you trading? What's your holding time? What kind of stocks are you trading? What price stocks are you trading? Whats size are you trading? What's your downsize risk per trade in real dollars? What role do emotions play in your trading ? Do you always find yourself buying high and selling low? These are some of the questions that will help traders become aware of what trades,styles,methods,risks are actually making them money.Do more of what's working,and less of what's not.I think it's a good thing if everyone kicks in what trades are working for them & share different ideas.....

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9/9/2009 1:41:44 AM

Kevin, you been hanging around CHETRON? LOL

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9/9/2009 2:20:45 AM

No, although I would probably benefit from the experience.

I have a wireless keyboard that doesn't have a little light to let me know if the caps lock is on until I am typing. Didn't notice until I was done on that last one, and was feeling lazy.

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9/9/2009 12:07:38 PM

Miketranz, I agree. There's even a simple form Dan Fitzpatrick likes us to fill out when buying a stock, just to remind us of why we bought "right here, right now" as he likes to say, and that's the key part.

So far all I've done is develop a one line simplified history of what I sold, buy price, sell price, dates -- and profit/loss. Even just that's been an important learning device in identifying patterns I've unknowingly had that have screwed me up.

It's also been helpful in checking current prices of stocks to see what was a good sell despite losses as the stock sometimes plundered down. Otherwise, over time (like the next day), I'd just see that as yet another failure.

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9/9/2009 9:04:48 PM

it is a good idea. we used to have a chatroom, but that fizzled over time. John is staying pretty steady with the intra day thread. Some good content there.

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9/9/2009 9:05:48 PM

Kevin, what is your e-mail?

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