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11/2/2005 9:13:08 AM

This thread is only for posting your favorite filters. Please include what you look for when deciding to enter a stock returned by the filter. I'm not necessarily interested in filters that backtest well. I want filters that are useful in 'real world' scenarios.

*Please also post how to make a link to the filter in the forums so I can share mine. Thanks*

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11/2/2005 9:19:09 AM

Wow, pardon my grammar error. Unexcusable. Topic should read, 'Your favorite filters...'

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11/2/2005 10:42:34 PM


Do you realize what you're asking ?

That would be like choosing which "child" is my favorite...I imagine !

As I don't actually HAVE children...I can not truly be sure of that.

How bout...that would be like choosing which Pinot Noir to have with the Roast Duck and Mango Salsa !




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11/3/2005 1:56:07 PM

Okay, here goes...

...this is a very simple little pattern that is fairly common. While it IS "simple"...don't be fooled by it's can be very profitable !

It is a set-up that can lead to a nice 2 to 4 day move (and sometimes longer) but, for the most part I'm looking at a 2 to 4 day time horizon. Obviously, that's not for everybody...and that's okay. This is just one of many filters I use.

First some background:

More and more I find myself focusing on scans that identify "PRICE PATTERNS" as opposed to Oscillator Signal (O/B & O/S etc...). I use my oscillators and other indicators to help put a particular price pattern into a context.

A Trend context...

An Intensity of Trend context...

A Support/Resistance context...


And yes...O/B & O/S readings to some degree.

The "challenge" in trading these Price Pattern set-ups comes in having to be "discretionary" as opposed to "mechanical." I guess that's the case with most every set-up though. I can't imagine there are many purely mechanical traders out there. I think alot of people expect to somehow be able to trade the results from a stock scan in a mechanical way. That is not reality !

Also, these Price Pattern set-ups are Long/Short set-ups. You must be willing to go both ways (well, in a manner of They identify areas of Range Contraction. That is...price bars with a very narrow high/low range. Often, "Trend Days" (ie...Range Expansion Days) follow these areas of contraction. It does help if you have a "bias" going you can better anticipate which direction the move might go. That's where your momentum oscillators and other trend indicators can offer some help. But, much like trading "Triangles" or other contraction/consolidation/congestion can never be 100% sure which direction the move will go ! imo

When I do find that set-up that's 100% predictable I'll be sure and post it ! lol


There are a few of these 1 and 2 day "Range Contraction" patterns:

* NR7 Days (narrowist range of the last 7 days)

* NR4 Days (narrowist range of the last 4 days)

* Inside Days (day's range is contained "inside" previous day's range)

* Outside Days (day's range is "outside" previous day's range)

* Shark Patterns (3 consecutive "inside days" each inside the previous day)

and...last but not least...perhaps my favorite of this bunch...

* Windup Patterns (an Outside Day followed by an Inside Day)

In Candlestick jargon, this is like an Engulfing with a bit of Harami thrown in for good measure (kinda). lol


Fetcher[/* Outside Day/Inside Day Windup Pattern */

Show all stocks where

High 1 day ago is above High 2 days ago and
Low 1 day ago is below Low 2 days ago and
High is below High 1 day ago and
Low is above Low 1 day ago and

Average Volume(65) is above 100000 and
Price is between 5 and 25 and

draw EMA(10)
draw EMA(30)
draw EMA(150)
draw ROC(2)
draw MACD(3,10,16)
draw Slow Stochastic(7,16) Fast %K
draw Slow Stochastic(7,16) Slow %D
draw Slow Stochastic(7,16) Fast %K line at 80
draw Slow Stochastic(7,16) Fast %K line at 20
draw RSI(14)
draw CMA(RSI(14),16)
draw RSI(14) line at 60
draw RSI(14) line at 50
draw RSI(14) line at 40
draw ADX(14)

chart-time is 3 Months


That's it ! I said it was simple. It doesn't even require 25 or 30 set statements in the syntax. lol

This "Windup" is similar to the "NR7/Inside Day" filter that Matthew Claassen has posted on SF in the past. The difference in the "Windup" is the Day 1 "Outside Day" occurrence and of course that the "Inside Day" ALSO be an NR7. He also requires that the stock be trending (ie. ADX > 20). Obviously, these criteria could be added to the "Windup" very easily. I just choose to monitor the ADX level(and other stuff as well) when I pull up a chart, rather than make it a part of the scan criteria.

The whole idea of "NR7s" was originally highlighted by Tony Crabel and the "Windup" is an old Jake Bernstein idea (I believe). So...neither of these things are original ideas. They've been around for a long time. The "Shark Pattern" I mentioned above is a Jeff Cooper idea I think. They are all worthy of study by anyone reading this post. imo

As for entry...the "Windup" is a pattern that requires 2 price bars...the outside followed by the inside day. On the 3rd day...the entry day...I like to see the Open within the range of the day 2 "inside day." I will be a little flexible on this however...depending on the situation.

A BUY (long) signal would be a penetration of the day 2 High !

A SELL (short) signal would be a penetration of the day 2 Low !

As I said before...I'm looking for a 2 to 4 day move.

This Windup Pattern often preceeds an abrupt short-term price movement !

It presents an opportunity to "Buy Volatility" at an early point in a opposed to "Chasing Volatility" after the move...which is what so many of the so called breakout filters I see posted here on SF are doing.


Use your own Price/Volume/Indicator preferences !

I just included mine. These are the ones I look at with all my scans. fwiw



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11/11/2005 10:13:37 PM

Just a thought...

...take it for what it's worth...if you start a thread...and you ASK for honest replies to YOUR thread topic from other SF might consider at the very least...some kind of acknowledgement when honest replies are given !

How long does it really take to type "Thanks for the reply" ?

Call me me old me "ridiculous" ! LOL




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11/11/2005 11:30:05 PM

Oh Brother!

BFreshour, please say "thank you" Before someONE goes to bed without being noticed on the day! It's to ALL of our best interest. Believe me when I say it, or Dr. Jekyll will spue his wrath all over again. I'll divert his attention(he can't resist)while you think think of wonderful pleasantries to fend him off with. Please hurry! Time is off the essence! Hey "Barney"....


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11/11/2005 11:37:37 PM

Yoo-hoo! "Barney", over here! I spelled of with an "off." Hey! pay attention here...Did you hear me? I said, I mispelled a word wrong. Oops! I did it again. Hurry up Bfreshour! I can't hold him "off" much longer!!! LOL........


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11/13/2005 1:49:08 AM


It's possible you didn't get a "thank you" for the sarcastic fun making you made in the third post in this very thread. Or maybe it's possible BFreshour doesn't LIVE on this website like you do. Or maybe he's on a fabulous Caribbean Cruise with his wife. Or maybe he's is taking time away from the market and is taking care of a sick relative. Point is...GET-A-LIFE CRYBABY!!! People only say "thank you" to people who DESERVE IT! So your BORING filter obviously wasn't enough to make up for your CLOWNING! CLOWN!


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11/13/2005 9:47:41 PM

Riggs, give it a rest. Thanks a lot alf44. I've been away for the weekend.

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11/14/2005 12:46:41 AM

rsi(2) below 1
/* your price AND volume criteria go below this line */
close above 20
avg volume(30) above 1000000


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