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11/7/2004 9:30:27 PM

Here's a fun one, I call it "Zig - Zag".

Fetcher[find stocks where volume(90) is above 100000
and price is above 1
and cmf(14) has reached a 52 week high within the past 30 days 20 days ago
and cmf(14) has reached a new 52 week low within the past 10 days
and price is near 30 day low
and date offset is 50

Trading Set-up.
Zig = CMF(14) 52 week high
Zag = CMF(14) 52 week low

The Play by play....
THE ZIG: CMF(14) 52 week high
Traders are over-running the security. News is usually out, Sellers are hard to find and Market Makers are net short ((cmf(14)at 52 week high)). Time and time again, I see them regain control of the trading and (attempt to) return the price back to where they can go long and turn a profit. (note: This is why Gaps nearly always fill.)

THE ZAG: CMF(14) 52 week low
After the 52week CMF high, I frequently see about a 20-30 day window to wash out the short term traders and allow the MM'ers to square up. The ZAG, shows up about 30 days after the ZIG which usually sets up a bounce. This 1st bounce is often a nice place for a "pilot buy" to watch a security. Extra opportunity comes when the ZAG bounce fails and the stock falls to a new near term low. This signature is seen with a CMF positive divergence and is a new opp. to buy some more and then set those stops fairly tight

It's a KISS scipt with a very small number of hits, and these hits produce an excellent gains to losses ratio.

Sorry to be so wordy...
p.s. careful of IPOs they're to be ignored.

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11/7/2004 10:03:24 PM

Use Date offset 1,2,3,4,5,etc... to find a set up that you like. I think XOMA here at $2 looks interesting. (date offset = 3) Possible gap fill into the low $3's (assuming more bad news dosn't kill it).

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11/7/2004 11:43:13 PM


Interesting filter I like your approach.

I hope you don't mind my saying but I don't really agree with your call on "XOMA" due to the higher volume on the low days but I guess 20 days from now we will know :)

Thanks for the contribution it is a nice filter.

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11/8/2004 8:32:40 AM

Ya, I agree on XOMA's lousey last few bars. What we have is (at this moment) is what "could be" a rare negative divrg. where price at its recent low and yet the volume based osc. has made a new low. This significanlty tilts the the likely outcome more twoards more lower lows.

With these set ups, should there be a bounce, it'll be short lived, that'll set up a return to this low price on far lighter vol (aka higher CMF). I still see that uncovered gap calling for higher prices. Lastly, rising vol. with diminishing a ATR (aka bollingerband squeeze) sets up a break (in either direction).

IMO, buystop > $2.00 with sell stop $0.05 under it. Thats my kind of trade.

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11/8/2004 10:52:29 AM

I'm in at $2.00.
BBH is negative, stop is tight.

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11/10/2004 11:09:17 PM

Arrg... Stopped out XOMA yesterday and its up 13% the next day. Someone shoot me.

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11/11/2004 1:07:00 PM

I show XOMA on two bottom fishers;
Fetcher[Show stocks where aroon oscillator(8) touched -92 and close is between 1 and 2 and volume(10) is above 100000 and date offset 0]

Fetcher[Show stocks where ERSI(5,5) is below 10 and Williams %R(10) increased 1 day and close is between 1 and 2 and volume(10) is above 100000 and date offset 0]

Date 11/09.

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11/11/2004 1:56:22 PM

cool! I love bottom fisher scripts, I'll look them over tonight!

many thnx,

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11/12/2004 12:02:45 AM

I noticed some new names posting. Some of you may not be familiar with:

Fetcher[RSI(2) < 1]

Of course, add your own price/volume parameters to find the stocks you like.

If you only like uptrending stocks:

Fetcher[RSI(2) < 1 and 60 day slope of the close > 0]

Look for your favorite stocks to appear on this list and then load the boat!


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