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2/21/2021 11:30:57 AM

Here's a simple correlation filter for constructing a basket of symbols with varying correlations to SPY (or any symbol) over various periods. Just uncomment/comment-out the correlation range you want to use for a strongly, neutrally, or inversely correlated symbol. Adjust the correlation values as needed, too.

Improvements are welcomed, and any other methods you might have for constructing baskets based on correlation would be welcomed, too. Enjoy.

Tool for constructing a basket, starting with correlations to SPY

market is ETF
add column Historical Volatility(100,1)
and add column corr(SPY,30,Close)
and add column corr(SPY,60,Close)
and add column corr(SPY,90,Close)
and add column corr(SPY,150,Close)
and add column beta
and add column industry
and add column sector

close < 500

sort ascending column 5

corr(SPY,30,Close) > .80
corr(SPY,60,Close) > .82
corr(SPY,90,Close) > .84
corr(SPY,150,Close) > .86

corr(SPY,30,Close) between -.4 and .4
corr(SPY,60,Close) between -.4 and .4
corr(SPY,90,Close) between -.4 and .4
corr(SPY,150,Close) between -.4 and .4

corr(SPY,30,Close) < -.8
corr(SPY,60,Close) < -.8
corr(SPY,90,Close) < -.8
corr(SPY,150,Close) < -.8

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2/22/2021 8:43:03 AM

Very nice ! Thank you

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2/22/2021 5:31:15 PM

I agree —- Very Nice!

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2/22/2021 6:06:05 PM

A handy tool, I'll add it to my basket of tricks.

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2/23/2021 4:59:48 PM

Nice, thanks.

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2/24/2021 11:33:10 AM

A couple of additional filter lines, that may be of interest to some, for adding different graphic comparisons to spy.

compare with spy

add column relative strength(spy,30) > -1

Ed S.

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2/25/2021 9:13:13 PM

Ed, thanks. A simple improvement -- my favorite kind! Thanks.

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