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6/27/2003 1:31:01 AM

here are your settings- volume is above 50000(5)and the stock price is below 1.0 and the ema(13) has crossed above the ema(26). This is all you need to be rich. the lower the stock price the more money you make. when you get your list of stocks daily and then you back test it you will notice that as the stocks 13 crossed above the 26 ema there is a sudden increase in volume. this is what you are looking for. but you dont buy here because you will note that during the first week you would go negative alot becaue the stock has had such a run up -they will be profit taking- what you will really be looking for is 3-7 days out so go there for you possible candidates because they will be retracing back to the 13 day ema and also on strong ones the 6 day ema-but use you 13 ema as the buy entry especially on a rounded bottom. you will also note 1week to 3 months out the incredible gains on the stock- the average is >200% in 3 months. If you look at utyw it has a flat bottom low the last three days at the 13 day ema a good entry point. if you l0ok at lase crossover from 5 day ago it has exploded 0.10-0.28 and your buy would be when it close on the 13 day ema here is an important point too any time a stock closes above its 6 13 and 26 ema that is usually an exlposion point on the stock- also another powerful screen which can be included with this one is when the rsi(2day) crosses above the rsi(3day) and the 2day rsi is <70% or if you get a major positive divergence on the rsi 2 day- what thats means and we will usae a brilliant example from yesterday on dgen(you really need a tabular reading like on esiganl to get this absolutley right)- dgen @ 0.23 going down to 0.20 as a low had a rsi 2 of 3% now yesterday i issued an all alert buys on it at 0.23 because when it went back to 0.23 two days later the rsi 2 day was 63% which gaveus a positive diverge of 60%. anything over 40% usually lead to a big move up and 60% wuill usaully give yo a quick 50-120% gain within 2 day. Well dgen went from my 0.23 alert to 0.42 in 77 minutes. another and big point is that right before a stock makes a really big move up you will see a volume and trading range contraction- on these stock <1.0 anything on the TR of <10% is big you get this percent by dividing the high of the day into the treading range and we will use wbr from today as an example of a stock ready to explode up and this is a real mover too-so wbt tr today was 0.50-061 or 0.03 divied by 0.61=5%(when it gets this low thsi is really going to explode up)its volume was the lowest yesterday and today the 2nd lowest-its actaully had 5 day in a row with a tr contraction of <10% if you lok at ezen on the 24th tr 0.72-0.77(and also if you get the close =the open that is a big bonus)it had it s lowest vol at 157k(and it gfood to use stocks <1.0$ that are making new 52 week highs like dbbd uax and ezen-well the next day ezen went from 0.75 to 1.08 from today we have the stock paid 8 days ago its13 crossed above its 26 ema and on the 24th it came right down to the 13 day ema at 0.093 as a buy- wel two days later it went to 0.25 and on the 19th it had its lowest vol and tr contraction at 0.088 too- see how you can use all these tools to make alot of money by finding the 2nd 3rd and 4th explosion point on stocks after their intial 13 26 cross over-good lerogee777 you will see ifyou lok at todays action dbbd is ready to explose lowest volume and tr contraction and this stock has set 13 new 52 week highs inthe last 2 months from 0.03 to 0.28

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6/28/2003 12:22:46 PM

Is anyone reading all this?

Just type the filter dude.

Use this format:

Fetcher[ filter ]


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6/30/2003 3:45:41 PM

Hey folks, don't forget to browse the news since DGEN filed bankruptcy over the weekend, CRPP as well. I lost a lot on ALGX tht way. If anyone needs a shortcut to cull all of this news email me. I have a paste-up in Yahoo that gives you all of the headlines for 800 stocks, taken from Stockfetcher.

Good Luck, Tom

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7/4/2003 8:42:07 PM

My attention span is too short to read all this.
What's the filter?

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7/4/2003 8:47:03 PM

Ok, I tried:
volume is above 50000(5)and the stock price is below 1.0 and the ema(13) has crossed above the ema(26) and date offset is 30. The results were not too good. However, I do agree w/ your statement, "the cheaper the stock, the more money you make. For this reason, I never buy stocks over 1.00.

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7/4/2003 9:49:55 PM

For the record this is NOT Holygrail.. this is his trading buddy.

His method is very simple... So simple most people don't believe it.

I have been looking at many filters here and have only found 2 that compare so far.

One is:

Show stocks where +DI(14) is above 20 and Average Volume(10) is above Average Volume(20) and Average Volume(10) is above 500000 and close above .09

The other is Muddy's BB:


You may recogize them.

Holygrail's filter is simply:

rsi(2) below 1 and close above 0.09 and Average Volume(10) is above 500000 and 30 day slope of the lri(60) is above 0.25 and low near Bottom linear Regression Line(60)

We buy stocks that have bottomed and are ready to bounce. It is that simple. The RSI(2) x RSI(3) is just a wrinkle for safer entries for the less experienced traders. And all the other indicators are just tweaks... But I have shown you the fundamental filter. Forget about backtesting. Just look at a chart of a stock and see what happens when RSI(2) < 1% and/or the price is at the Lower Linear Regression line. Backtesting, at this time, does not take in consideration that I may have SOLD BEFORE the price dropped later in the day. Just check the charts from the filter. Here are the chart settings we use:

Draw Linear Regression Channel(60) and Draw EMA(6) and Draw EMA(13) and Draw EMA(26) and Draw RSI(2) and Draw RSI(3)

I also use a 90 day chart at

Holygrail and I also use esignal for daytrading. Once again, Holygrail's method is simple and most don't believe or accept. All we use is RSI(10) and Linear regression. That's it.

Now... you have to remember YOUR objectives may not be the same as ours.

My objective is to compound my portfolio by 2% or more per day. I DO NOT look at the dollars, I look at the percent gains.

Holygrail has a tendency to make friends/enemies whenever he posts. But I know this... he told me to buy chtr, sons, rbak, and dyn last October and to trade them daily. Look at the results.

Stockfetcher has reduced our scanning time from hours to seconds.

I hope this helps. I have given you EVERYTHING. There is nothing more. It really IS that simple.

For the record this is NOT Holygrail.. this is his trading buddy.

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7/5/2003 8:23:47 AM

THANKS for the clarification.
And, thanks for reiterating K.I.S. (Keep It Simple)
K.I.S. is always best.


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7/5/2003 8:39:01 AM

I added MA's just to avoid the ones continuing to go down.

Show stocks where +DI(14) is above 20 and Average Volume(10) is above Average Volume(20) and Average Volume(10) is above 500000 and ma(20) is above ma(50) and close between 0.10 and 0.90


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7/5/2003 11:26:10 AM

HG's Partner. Thanks for your comments. Perhaps a little clarification. "Here are the settings we use" Because you used all "draw clauses"when downloading a neat list of 7700 stocks came up. I see the potential but need a limiting factor to reduce the amount of hits. Also you stated in second paragraph after this that all you use is RSI(10) and linear regression. Could you write a filter for that. Pretty phenominal, to go through 7700 stocks in a matter of seconds. Lets proceed for a scan which simply gives us an advantage in probabilities, which yours may develop into. Thanks to you , HG, and the whole group using and developing Stock Fetcher. wozwon

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7/6/2003 1:07:49 PM

For the record this is NOT Holygrail.. this is his trading buddy.

To Wozwon:

Please reread the entire post.. the filter is in there.

This is one reason why I will be reluctant to post in the future.

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