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9/11/2008 2:06:09 PM

we have seen all this massive financial stock bleeding- the bottom will be in this week- buy fnm or fre now for 0.75 and 0.62- rememember the 2002 bottom on 10-10- i told everyone to buy sbac back then for 0.24 and sons for 0.19- i told them they would be 2000% gainers becuase this were major over reactive drop downs since i knew the bottom would be in at 20$ on the qqqq a month before it got there- sbac 0.18-38$ and sons 0.18 to 10.00$ fast- well im buying 50 million dollars worth of fnm and fre as i speak here becuase these will be your 2000% gainners within 2 years-

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9/11/2008 7:47:32 PM

You do realize that the odds are good that FNM will not even be in existence in a year from now?

I'm sure your holdings will find a nice home when its dissolved, though, given its healthy balance sheet (and the government's reassurances should help you sleep well in the interim). Sweet dreams.

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9/12/2008 5:36:02 AM

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9/12/2008 5:38:38 AM can the GOVT take over an instution (under STATE control) and continue to sell shares on the market?
think UK -socialism- follow their market controls

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