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6/12/2003 2:59:40 PM


How about a Yahoo Group?

- Its simple.
- It's easy and fast to setup
- It can be restricted to members
- It has mesg board, chat, database. and calendar functions
- You can have several moderators so that one is pretty much always available
- Allows people to read up & posts at their convenience or interact real time if they want

I can help you get this done if it's something you are interested in.


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6/12/2003 3:45:47 PM

Hi all.

Very interesting thread.
I'd like to first thank Muddy for making us aware of his very elegant trading method. I haven't as yet make any money with it, but I just started. ;-) Bought some shares of DYN at 4.35/share today. We'll see how it goes. One thing I've noticed is that I'm very uncomfortable buying stock where average volume is less than 150-200,000 shares/day. 100,000 shares/day would cause me to sell. I've also noticed that buying pressure has significantly decreased over these past days. This includes both "winners" and "losers" using Muddy's method. Is this common using this method Muddy, or is that a red flag we should keep an eye for?



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6/12/2003 3:52:07 PM

igor, the bollinger(20) passing above bollinger(10) seems to catch any sudden price movements, either up or down. I tried it several ways, but with the added decrease in price over 2 days, this seemed to give the best results. The matches for this filter seem to have a better chance of running green for much longer, but then I haven't had a chance to really watch the picks for too long.

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6/12/2003 8:10:12 PM

Doug - yeah a Yahoo group seems like a good way to get things off and running.

I've discussed this with "his Muddyness" himself. I've received a number of interested emails from folks on this thread who wish to do the following:

1. See everybody's picks for the night.
2. Chat and discuss the final picks and new strategies.
3. Live chat during the next day's open so nobody screws up. (This is self-serving)
4. When things go south, the group can come to the rescue, pronto.
5. Lets us give back to muddy, with a dedicated crew trying out new variations on the BB method.

If anybody has suggestions or needs, please email me at todd_dunning("at" sign here) Doug what is your email?

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6/12/2003 9:18:50 PM

a yahoo group sounds good, count me in

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6/13/2003 3:33:25 AM


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6/13/2003 10:30:20 AM

Thanks for taking point on this Tod!

My Email is doug(" AT ")

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6/13/2003 10:33:43 AM

better use the yahoo address though since it's a yahoo group...

dougyitbos(" AT ")

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6/13/2003 11:07:56 AM

I'd love to join as well. e-mail is the_hearers(at)



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6/13/2003 12:04:06 PM

I'd love to join as well. e-mail is

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