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7/3/2008 5:33:35 PM

Symbol Price % Day Chg Volume RSI(2) LOW
low %above100daylow wm% v% d% 20d Average
Volume(30) Weekly
RSI(2) 2d
SOLF 13.73 -4.05% 3657574 0.13 12.70 53.41 0.26 0.62 0.13 0.74 5911589 7.17 0.13
CSIQ 31.98 -0.09% 2615456 0.25 29.55 96.08 0.25 0.98 0.14 0.80 3160091 14.26 0.14
DSX 26.75 -2.62% 1795526 1.08 25.60 18.57 0.15 1.08 0.08 0.86 1727967 6.27 0.08
LDK 31.54 -0.97% 2767733 1.57 29.72 60.59 0.18 0.74 0.10 0.83 3249367 12.61 0.10
EXM 32.98 -1.55% 992813 3.23 31.80 34.12 0.20 0.63 0.10 0.83 1963757 9.18 0.10
RIO 32.08 -0.77% 27188404 3.64 31.38

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7/3/2008 9:46:21 PM

I say this, all of us needs to stop trading until the markets, the world adjusts itself to a lower standard of living. Choosing stocks is NOT like it used to be. Logical ways of picking companies is not there. Everything is illogical. It's time we circled our wagons and protect our savings. There are invisible forces out there today waiting to drop a sector of our markets in a heart beat. Why the gloom and doom you say, well look around you and see how our life is deterioting. Millions of people in the United States have lost billions of dollars to stupid people that supposedly led us down prim rose lane then pushed off an unseen cliff. See whats around you and act accordingly. That certainly is not investing like it was just a normal day. How about all of us putting our money into Treasury notes or the money market until this bad stench of an economy turns around again. Which could be another 5 years from now.

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7/3/2008 9:55:11 PM

And woe to the poor hands that get slapped for leading us down this path, eh?

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7/3/2008 10:20:17 PM

How about putting more of those criminals behind bars instead of giving them huge buy out packages and letting the remaing workers worry and stew over it as they watch their stock values go down down down. Can we think of one company as an example, ah, sure we can, how about Home Depot.

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