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6/3/2007 7:17:15 PM

This is a fantastic least for the current market conditions. Does anyone know how well it would perform in a down-trending market...or a non-trending market? If not very well, could the perameters be changed to fit the down-trending or non-trending market? Your response would be appreciated.

Bill R.

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6/4/2007 12:21:13 AM

How does it perform in a down market? Backtest results showed last year in May you could've been wiped out, or at least abandoned ship(filter).

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6/4/2007 1:42:38 PM

Slotmarket, Um...yeah. In my view an essential component of MOST successful filters is to make sure you're trading with the market trend.

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6/5/2007 6:02:19 AM

Oh, if we just knew what the TREND is for today or for tomorrow !!

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6/5/2007 10:34:28 AM

Koronbock...ah yes, the proverbial crystal ball. For those of us who wish to make money though, particularly swing traders, all that is necessary is playing the probabilities. Ever since the late Feb meltdown the SPX has been making higher pivot highs and lows above it's 200 day moving average. Simply wait for pullback in the SPX, ideally to a rising moving average, support level and/or fib. This is what this filter is designed for.

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