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6/12/2012 8:51:37 AM

is there any way to screen for stocks closing at /near high/low of day in combination with a stochastic filter??

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6/12/2012 2:39:05 PM

Depends on exactly what type of stochastic filter you are planning to use. But the first part is easy


close equals high


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6/12/2012 10:06:27 PM

thank you!!!

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6/13/2012 6:05:31 PM

From the manual:


Near is a convenient phrase that generically defines two measures or values to be close in
proximity. StockFetcher defines two measures to be “near” each other when the distance between
the two values is less than 2%. This 2% threshold is a generic assumption; however, near is
easily applied and often used in the initial stages of developing a StockFetcher phrase. Take for
example, a filter that has one component where the price needs to be near the lower Bollinger Band.
Show stocks where the low is near the lower Bollinger band(20)
On a first pass, this will provide many examples where the daily low is within 2% of the lower
Bollinger band. After further development, more control of the exact proximity may be necessary.
At that point, phrases such as more than or less than may be used.
Show stocks where the low is less than 5% above the lower Bollinger(20) band
and The low is less than 2% below the lower Bollinger(20) band

Clearly this second example provides more control of the proximity of the daily low with respect
to the measure; however, the phrase near was helpful in the initial stages of designing the

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