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12/28/2003 12:27:32 AM

One of SF members posts this: "I use the daily stochs to exit and enter" My question: If hes using, does that mean he first selects from the monthly charts sectiion i.e. 1 mo, 2 mo, 3 mo etc. and then clicks daily in the section next to it? Or does he mean select a daily chart and then select 1 minute, 3 min. 5 min. etc. in that section?

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12/28/2003 1:23:54 AM


Using Java Charts. The 3mon/d chart is what I use to check Fast Stochatics (5,3). Actually I use Stochastics (5,2)Fast, with MACD (3,11,17) and CCI(10) for simple, reliable entry/exit points, especially entry.

Some of us also like to confirm our entry by using the year/w and even year/m charts to confirm the Stochastics again this give you a longer term view of whats happening. Search for "EWZuber" and read his posts, he has detailed posts concerning all aspects of Stochastics usage.


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1/10/2004 9:51:46 AM

thank you TXTRAPPER for the entry/exit info of 12/28/03 STANLEY

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1/11/2004 12:44:58 AM

I like to use hourly charts also for a more precise entry.
I draw my trendlines here and use stochastics. They compliment eachother. Then enter on a convergence of events. The trendline is broken and stochastics are crossing over.
If you are able or inclined to watch the markets during the day using hourly charts is an option. jmho

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