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12/5/2009 11:27:49 AM

I don't think M4M is referring to the inside officers of a company controlling a stock, he's talking about the ultra wealthy (1%) of the population that owns so much wealth, estimates often ranging from 50% or more of the stock market, plus massive amounts of the bond and real estate markets. Not to mention the trillions of dollars in sovereign wealth funds around the world that can be used to push key bell-weather stocks up or down, which tend to bring similar stocks along with them.

If you're not familiar with the wealth distribution in this country and how much is concentrated in a surprisingly few hands, read Kevin Phillips' book, Wealth and Democracy: A Political History of the American Rich.

On a slightly different topic, here's an interesting excerpt from an interview with Clive Corcoran, posted on his website, a link to which was recently posted by Mystiq, about how large institutions now unload large positions in ways that make it more difficult to detect.

Clive Corcoran, 2007

Ö. But one of the things that has happened as a result of the great participation of hedge funds, proprietary trading desks and so on is that there is now something called algorithmic trading, and this in a nutshell, is being implemented by large institutions. Letís say for example that a big fund, a mutual fund, wants to say, unload a million shares in General Motors. The problem as we all know, is that if you go into the market and announce youíre going to sell a million shares of something thatís trading at $35 letís say, immediately the price is going to start getting away on you, itís going to start slipping. Thereíll be front running, thereíll be other people who can see your intentions, and the price will get away from you. So, algorithmic trading is a development thatís been coming into the markets over the last three to five years to assist the large institutions with such trades Ė again, its progress has been remarkable. There are again estimates that the number of trades each day that are algorithmic in nature is in the majority Ė itís more than 50%.

Algorithmic trading essentially means that machines Ė thereís no actual human involved really, other than the initial decision to, letís say, sell a million shares Ė but the actual execution of that trade might take place over the course of a day or two, it depends on what the institution wants, but it will certainly be extended over time, and it will be broken up, sliced and diced, is the way itís put, broken up into smaller units. If the trade is basically a sell there could even be bit of buying in-between, just to confuse the issue. And this will, in a sense, produce new kinds of volume behaviour that the old techniques no longer really recognise. If youíve got lots and lots of small trades taking place, including some which are contrary to the principle direction of the trade, which are designed to obscure the intent, the volume Ė especially on an intra-day basis, if youíre an intra-day trader doing intra-day scanning, your recognition patterns that are looking for certain types of volume behaviour, are going to be tricked, and that of course is the whole point of algorithmic trading.

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12/5/2009 11:45:53 AM

big big move coming on bac to >20$-- im not sure but i think i may have told you this before-but on bac 1600.00-1615 everday there is a big block--buy or sell- and if its a sell the stock will hit a lower low-- the next day--if its a buy it will hit a higher high the next day- and its worked 225-233 days-- usually its about a 1-5 million share block- but just before bac starts to make a good move up there will be a much larger buy-- 3-8$ was a 20 mil buy at 3 6-11$ there was a 25 million buy at at 6.12 and on the big move 12-18$ there was a 50 million buy at 11.77$ and last night in ah they blew it throught the roof with 4 buys=150 million shares including a 90 mil buy---for you option people--use the following sites-some you have to sign up but its gives you insider buying and instituional buying- and for 180$ a year- you can actually screen for the highest % change in instituional buying using any parameter you want- price volume and so on--the banks have been fully loaded the last 6 weeks- on ones <20$ 3 billion$ s out and 18 billion $ s in--your best bets are pcbc crbe snv rf - and i will add later the biggest cheapest stock with big money inflows-just stay tuned to this message--okay next you what to sign up for a free membership for and you can actually see the buy and sell running total volume for the day- in ah you can catch the big blocks as to whether they are sells or buys--- the next site is by far the best for options-- up its free-you can screen for just about anything- even the option action before earnings on stocks---you can go for more institutional buying and selling plus insider action too- before earnings what you want to do is set the date for 5-7 days before earnings to see the action--also you want to use and under options to see the big option volume spikes- and whether the puts or calls were bought at the ask or bid side--like on thurs and fri- on bac they were buying at higher % at the ask on the calls and selling at a higher % on the bid for the puts- which is very bullish

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12/5/2009 2:02:42 PM

Another site I try to keep digs on is
Here you can keep an eye on the top performing funds and what they're adding and their holdings as well as what they're discarding. Trendscanner is right, you will start to see a lot of window dressing now as funds rush to buy the best quarter performers to change to drapes for year end performance stats. Keep an eye on what they are dumping. If the stock is solid but a quarter laggard they are likely to pick it back up come Jan. Here you will see stocks that have underperformed the quarter get strong insider buying torwards year end, then massive institutional buying.

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12/6/2009 1:47:10 PM

The scan result from Crimsonmind and picked up BBD for a huge vol CALL spike on Friday. It is 150:1 for Dec Call !!

Anybody think this is a legit buy for CALLs the coming Monday ? Technically, macd has crossed upward and price has broken the $22 resistance lately.

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12/20/2009 9:23:47 PM

Furious , frequent posts have pushed this wrong call on BAC to the "next" page..... Nice work.

Just keeping it real....dawg.

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1/14/2010 6:35:05 PM

How can I get access to ECN BOOK

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