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10/28/2009 11:35:56 AM

the more points of deflection you have the more explosive the move will be up---- i stated a few days ago that the bottom of the qld would be somewhere 49-50 here is what we had today -- we hit a low of 49.51 a while ago--- here is what you use at bottom-- 1-----50ma 2. bottom of linear regression--3.--- bottom trend line from last 2 bottoms ands 4. bottom of daily rsi-2 okay here is what we had at 49.51 this am bottom trend line 49.25 lower lr line 49.75 50 ma 49.46 daily rsi-2 1.3%- this is your perfect storm and as a double confrimation you can use the reverse on stock tops-- and the tops of qid so lets look at at the opposite qid at todays top-- high today 23.42 daily rsi-2 99% top trend line 23.55 top lr--23.60 50 ma 23.66-- so we have an 8 point market reversal-thats as good as it gets guys--

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10/28/2009 12:26:21 PM

...this is the 3rd separate thread on your so-called "market bottom" the last day and a half !

Don't you think it makes alot MORE sense to create ONE thread...and then build that thread with further follow-up posts ?

That way...if someone actually wanted to read your incoherent drivel...they could do so...and participate much more easily !

Just a thought !



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10/28/2009 4:41:21 PM

PLEASE stop!
Many of us ARE enjoying M4M's nuggets of wisdom.

Live and Let Live!
Thank you.


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10/28/2009 4:52:38 PM

uhhh...the 3rd separate thread on his so-called "market bottom" the last day and a half !


With all due respect, Karen...that is plain obnoxious unneccesary bullshit...that just clutters the forum !!!

Not don't see the problem !!!

Amazing !!!

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10/28/2009 6:14:31 PM

If you don't agree with alf44, well, you're just, well, you know....

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10/28/2009 6:31:48 PM

rumple...coming from someone who has been banned from countless forums ...

...because you consistently abuse the Terms of Service...that's about what I would expect from you !


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10/28/2009 11:41:16 PM

I am not sure if we aqe at bottom, if you draw lines as M4M said, still you can see rising wedge which could be a bad bearish sigmn, also it may close MA50 and god knows going where to.
for me I cashed yesterday out and I am waiting till see few days of rise, I lost a lot from being stupid and thinking I am smart, and lost recently 4 days ago when I went when RSI2 was below 10 eventhough above MA200 , but still it dropped like hell and lost 10% onSLX and ERX in 36 hours
watch your feet

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10/29/2009 8:17:02 AM

Don't worry. The Fed/U.S. gov't is a traders best friend.
As soon as the GDP numbers are released the market will head back up.

See Google headlines:
"Economists estimate 3.2% growth in GDP
"Report on GDP Expected to Show Growth"
"Dollar edges down as investors awaits US GDP"


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10/29/2009 4:33:21 PM


I appreciate all your posts...
please keep posting however way you wish

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