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5/10/2013 12:11:52 PM

1. now before I sent all the people on my mail list the 40-50 best e books
2. I gave them 2-5 market up dates a week>still do it
3. trained them what ever time it took them using
4. gave 2-5 option recos a week> I know give sometimes sometimes 8-12>last 2 week 94% winners big time
5. now with a programmer and another guy im in business with we have developed a cutting killer system
6. I don't give my e mail list my new advanced e books>I don't want anyone to steal them
7.with this new system
a. predicts direction and $ move of stock before and after earnings>
b predicts every move of the major etfs
plays this week with this sytem

pcln> play a strangle at the open today>

730p/755c>2.65> 775c high 14.50
725p/760c>2.10>760 high>11.20
wed buy 67.5 weekly calls on gmcr while at 58$> 0.90 to 9.34
wed buy 67.5 calls on tsla>0.45 to 13.20
after earnings buy gmcr 70-77.5 call at open on 5-9 70c>0.72 to 8$ 72.5c>0.20 to 4.52 75c>0.05 ti 2,65 77.5c>0.01 to 0.55
then when tsla got to its high I got the sell near 75$ so I got the weekly 70-65puts>
67.5 p>0.94 to 4.30 65p>0.24 to 2.60

at today open buy tsla 72.5 to 77.5 weekly calls>72.5c>0.75 to 8$ 75c>0.20 to 6.50 77.5 c>0.10 to 4.70

today since I knew the smart money was selling off bigtime the last 5 days on appl 460-465> gapped up to 458 at the open> aapl average tr for Fridays is 12$ and since I knew support was nea 450 I got the 455-450 weekly puts
bought at open today
455c>0.68 to 4.95 450c>0.16 to 1.76

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5/10/2013 2:08:17 PM

PREDICT , youre redboarding again. the only way for you to gain trust is to PREDICT. make some picks in ADVANCE. gain trust, prove yourself, then charge for your services.

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5/10/2013 2:14:18 PM

your english needs work, youre hard to follow, the misspellings, bad punctuation, and lack of logic paints you to be a loser, take your time, make your posts look successful. and above all PREDICT. dont redboard.

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5/10/2013 2:26:23 PM

and please tell me if you have all this money coming in with options, why do you need us? why not sit on the beach, toes in the sand, beer cooling, putting sunscreen on the babe, listening to the waves, maybe a live mariachi band, grill getting hot , steaks broiling, laptop alerting you to options. instead you and other vendors put up with crap from guys like me, guys like me who say prove it.

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5/10/2013 2:30:39 PM

if youre looking for a good mariachi band , try these kids .

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5/10/2013 3:25:40 PM

redboard v. to speculate on the outcome of a horse race that has already finished. --
I was unfamiliar with this word.

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5/10/2013 4:30:10 PM

since march 1>if anyone would like an ebook showing every trade> e mail me at

Wins 302
33-100% selling options>105/105
302/305>99% win rate
49 earnings plays in a row>right

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