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3/7/2009 8:10:27 PM

Oh! And another thing ...
The uptick rule was repealed on July 6, 2007.
The market started it's decline three months later.
George Bush was STILL Presidunce.

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3/7/2009 8:57:11 PM


Election day Nov. 2006, so that's 2.4 yrs if you're splitting hairs. By your own information about repubs majority in congress in mid and late 90's, wasn't that one of the biggest bull runs in history?! As for all the bitchin' about immigration and job losses and housing market bust, do a little more research (Clinton policies when he was pres. and acfncp3's recommended YOUTUBE vids ) then smack the gavel on who's guilty.

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3/7/2009 9:04:23 PM

Sorry, I can't talk about this anymore.
I don't enjoy discussing politics.
And I really need to save my mental energy for other things.
But thanks for the discussion.
Maybe some othher political junkies will chime in.
I just don't like politics.
(and I don't like repukelicons either. never have, never will ... sorry)

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3/7/2009 10:50:47 PM

Take your pro-socialist, pro-abortion sided comments to another site. You and the people who voted this socialist, abortion loving party into office are the ruin of capitalism and this country.

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3/7/2009 11:23:26 PM

"Hear,hear".I wouldn't doubt if Barack and the Demoncrats put a couple billion of TARP money into the market the last half hour last week just to make their $9.00/week=$400.00total middle class tax cut look like its working and taking the market up.Time to buy the S&P Barack says,with your moneyLOL

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3/8/2009 3:40:19 PM

Just remember Bush's previous words, that he would not even think about helping General Motors out. In early 2008 and earlier years, GM was trying to get the government to help them control run-away healthcare costs and get them to realize that fair trade was being violated in key countries of our world. Bush's staff ignored their pleas. Bush also made that infamous reply when asked in the summer of 2008 by newsman, how his staff felt the economy was doing. He said the economy is still strong, its making a recovery. Those words proved later to be so very wrong. His first 4 years, I was actually on his side, but then the last 4 years I saw that he was getting sloppy and things deterioted before all our eyes. His motivation as President was a fixation on taking out Sadam Hussein and his boys. We surmize, he knew that Saddam wanted to harm the Bush family and he vowed at what ever cost it took he would get them before they got to his family. At a cost far greater than he and his staff imagined. However, we must always tell our fallen soldiers families that their cause was NOT in vain.

Ending this thread by saying, Bush as with Clinton created situations that actually hurt our country in their ending tenures as leaders to our country. They were so fixated (narrow minded) in saving their own skin that they forgot about our countries welfare and well being. Hopefully, Obama and out countries future leaders will learn from their errors.

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3/9/2009 9:20:15 AM

Coming from, first, Europe and, second, from a former communist country....... I almost don't believe my eyes to see how much here you believe in government and how much you don't believe in the market. This is for me a shocking experience and I have to say that very loudly.......

It seems to me that the fight for freedom for free markets is still the task of the day.....

I don't think that the current problem in the world in this country is the example of a market failure. I think it is the example of government failure. I am absolutely sure that the current crisis is the "just" price we all of us have to pay for the attempts of politicians to "play" with the markets. I am not one to say: blame the markets. No. Blame the politicians.

~ Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic and former economics professor, at the Wall Street Journal's Economics Conference.

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