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6/19/2007 3:36:18 PM

for the qqqq rimm aapl and goog----
how exactly know where the dead bottom is- i use the rsi(2) daily for getting very near to bottom like the spy and qqqq on 6-7- i always use intraday linear regression for 2 days- usually the qqqq will go down the next day 0.15-.30 when it get it low rsi-2- on 6-7 it closed 46.35 with an rsi-2 of 2.9%- next day it gapped down to the exact bottom of the 2 day lr intra day at 46.16- which you can read before the open on esignal- when it got there it went up and down bouncing off the lr for 1-2 hours- what you do then is use a 3-10 min rsi(10) to see if you have a bottom pos divergence which it had- did the exact same thing on aapl at 116 and goog at 500- this is where you buy your options for the next month qqqq 47-51 for july goog 530-600 and aapl 120-150 for july calls- when you do this you usually make 700-10000% on all the option with the highest levels paying off the highest % gain- okay lets look at rimm on its last earning dropped 148 to <129 - and at 129 we had the same bottom low rsi(2) at <2% on the daily rsi-2 and on the rsi-10 at the bottom lr it had a big pos divergence- so i bought the may 140-155 for an average of 33$ per contract - when it hit its top of 155.24 on 5-9 i cashed them in( for an avarge of 1300$ per contract)--- daily rsi(2) at 99.9% which you have to read live- it hit the dead top of the 2 day intraday lr at 155.24 and had a big neg divergence using the 5 min rsi-10- there you go guys now you can make millions playing options off each top and bottom

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6/19/2007 4:26:10 PM

Your posts would be more readable if you hit enter occasionally.

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6/19/2007 4:57:20 PM

Obviously, she makes it her mission to tell the whole world about her 7000% winning strategy. But she's been on a tear for the last 6 months, regurgitating the same old krap in a different light. I went back and ran a few of her old filters. To say the least, the results weren't exactly an eye-popper. Whether it's 7000% profit or a triple-digit gains, I'm sure the charade's not about to end any time soon.

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6/19/2007 5:28:35 PM

these are my 3 days results doing exactly what i said here or you to stupid to even go do what i said and see if it works- Symbol Description Qty Purchase Price Current Price Total Value % Chg Gain/Loss
Sell QQQ GU 2007/07/21 call on POWERSHARES QQQ TR SR 1 at $47.00 73 $1.20 $1.44 $10,512.00 20.00% $1,752.00
Sell QQQ GV 2007/07/21 call on POWERSHARES QQQ TR SR 1 at $48.00 140 $0.65 $0.81 $11,340.00 24.62% $2,240.00
Sell QQQ GW 2007/07/21 call on POWERSHARES QQQ TR SR 1 at $49.00 300 $0.29 $0.37 $11,100.00 27.59% $2,400.00
Sell QQQ GY 2007/07/21 call on POWERSHARES QQQ TR SR 1 at $51.00 100 $0.03 $0.05 $500.00 66.67% $200.00
Sell APV GE 2007/07/21 call on APPLE INC at $125.00 22 $3.70 $5.60 $12,320.00 51.35% $4,180.00
Sell APV GF 2007/07/21 call on APPLE INC at $130.00 40 $2.40 $3.60 $14,400.00 50.00% $4,800.00
Sell APV GG 2007/07/21 call on APPLE INC at $135.00 61 $1.55 $2.20 $13,420.00 41.94% $3,965.00
Sell APV GH 2007/07/21 call on APPLE INC at $140.00 100 $1.00 $1.25 $12,500.00 25.00% $2,500.00
Sell APV GJ 2007/07/21 call on APPLE INC at $150.00 200 $0.45 $0.45 $9,000.00 0.00% $0.00
Sell GOO GP 2007/07/21 call on GOOGLE INC A at $580.00 88 $1.10 $1.80 $15,840.00 63.64% $6,160.00
Sell GOP GQ 2007/07/21 call on GOOGLE INC A at $570.00 55 $1.60 $2.70 $14,850.00 68.75% $6,050.00
Sell QQQ GX 2007/07/21 call on POWERSHARES QQQ TR SR 1 at $50.00 262 $0.09 $0.14 $3,668.00 55.56% $1,310.00
Total: $129,450.00 27.47 % $35,557.00

that 33000$ to the good in 3 days- i wil show you this when qqqq gat >51 and goog >550 and aapl>140- i will be up about to 2-3 million dollars then ya can laugh at me again-idiots

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6/19/2007 5:45:50 PM

The following post is from ure "there is a way to basicaly never lose and win bigtime" which reads:

6/6/2007 10:33:12 PM

its not an indicator- i have taken a practice account from 100k$ to i billion dollars inn <3 months with 388 wins and no loses playing option- here is my goog buy while it was at 500 2 days ago--Sell GOP FW 2007/06/16 call on GOOGLE INC A at $530.00 625 $0.95 $4.00 $250,000.00 321.05% $190,625.00
Sell GOP FY 2007/06/16 call on GOOGLE INC A at $550.00 100 $0.15 $0.85 $8,500.00 466.67% $7,000.00
im up 321% and 467% on goog in 2 days and were just starting up- i expect it to go to >545 by exp.- i actually got at the 5-24 qqqq bottom of 46 while goog was at 470- i got the june 530 calls for 0.05- they are now at 4$ going to 25$-this is the holy grail to the markets-ta help determine the stocks to play and when-but something else makes you a 100% winner

At the time, you were asking others to hop on ure bandwagon and go long on GOOG. Why did you reverse ure position since then? Isn't ure hypocrisy little too blunt? And please note that nobody here treats ure testimony based on paper trading as genuine.

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6/19/2007 6:22:03 PM

okay i see what you talking about- you want to see if there is extreme calls buying in the last 1-3 days above it 30 day call average- by looking at this it help you know if a stock will continue up big time or will go down- the options actaully control the stock movement- go to and go to the power tools section that has different filters- you want to use the front running month graph and it allow you to go back on and look at any date for the last 5 years if you want to see what teh call action looks like right before a big move up- put in the stock cypb for the date 5-17-2007 and print it out and then put in the date 5-21-2007- you will see the insiders buying 250000 call contract for june 10-20$ the stock price was at 8.50- they average daily call volume was <500 contracts a day- somebody knows some big news coming soon- well the next day that news came- and it went to 18$ and of courese made those options worth a fortune- saw the same thing on aqnt the 2 weeks before it moved 37-64 inb one day- it made the june 45 calls go from 5$ to 1900$ in 1 day- how you find these unusual call volume is using the intraday volume spike alert which comes out at 100pm eastern time- this is how you would of found aqnt and cypb- you can also use the end of day unual volume screen too- on both of these you want to also check the unusuakl put volume too- you only do the option if there is no matching put volume to the call volume or its a lot lower/. i will give you more info in to follow

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6/19/2007 6:32:05 PM

email me at and tell me you are from sf and want to know about the options- i will give you my you my phone number- and we will get together on the phone and i will teach how to use the different filters-its kind of hard to explain on here

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6/19/2007 9:36:29 PM

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6/20/2007 1:15:11 PM

You need to listen to what he has to say. He is very nice to talk to and very informative. He spent 2 hours with me on the phone. His concept is very sound.

The only thing is, not all he teaches can be put into an neat filter that you can run here. If you do not want to listen to his posts then turn them off.
He is a nice guy trying to help others --- you do not have to listen.

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6/20/2007 2:14:12 PM

dwiggains...If a filter cannot be built perhaps you could at least put together a coherent post to help the rest of us understand the gist of what Mary is trying to communicate? After all, you spend two hours with him on the phone.

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