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12/17/2014 12:35:24 PM


I would like a filter to scan sectors and find those sectors that crossed above 150DMA in the last week.

In the output I want a 2 year chart or more of price and volume for those sectors passing the filter.

Is this possible?

Thank you


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12/17/2014 1:19:07 PM

Not really - SF filters only return stocks, not sectors.

However, you could set up a watchlist that would be able to use the Dow Jones Indices listed here:

In that watchlist you can add a column that says

add column count(close crossed above ma(150) within the last week,1)

this would give you a "1" or "0" for meeting that criteria.

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12/18/2014 7:16:20 AM

If it was me I would build a watch list of sector etfs and code for the weekly crossover that interests you.

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12/18/2014 8:21:07 AM

That was my original thought as well, but there are a lot more sectors than there are sector ETFs, and all but a handful of the sector ETFs are low volume traders, which can skew some of the volume-based indicators.

If you are just looking at the 10-20 biggest sectors ETFs are the way to go, but if you are planning to go farther afield then you could use the sector indices as well.

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1/4/2015 2:47:03 PM

If anyone has a sector etf list they can post -that would be great. I had one years ago but it is way outdated.

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1/4/2015 6:52:49 PM

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1/4/2015 7:38:40 PM

Here is a list of ETFs you can put in a symlist. Many repeat because of the way I copied them off my excel sheet but I wanted you to be able to see what market each ETF represented. The list is from 2010 so some ETFs may no longer be around but they do a good job of representing the majority of investment choices out there.

VNQ Real Estate
XLF Financials
BND Total Bond Market
XLE Energy
ILF Latin America
VEU Foreign -ex USA
EEM Emerging Markets
DBC Commodities
IEV Europe
HYG High yield
SHV Short term treasury
TIP Inflation
PFF Preferred Stock
IEF 7-10 yr treasury
LQD Long term-Bond
EMB Emerging mrkt Bond
AGG Intermediate term-bond
SHY Short term Treasury
TLH 10-20 yr treasury
DBC Broad Basket
DBA Agriculture
USO oil
DBB Metals-Industrial
SLV Silver
GLD Gold
UNG Natural Gas
NLR Nuclear Energy
IEZ oil
IGE US Nat Resources
XOP Oil Gas Exploration
KOL Coal
URA Uranium
MOO Agribusiness
SLX Steel
XME Metals Mining
XLB Materials
EPP Pacific minus Japan
GXF Nordic
IEV Europe
VEA Europe Pacific
VGK Europe vngrd
VPL Pacific
EFA World minus USA
VEU World minus USA
ENZL New Zealand
EWA Australia
EWC Canada
EWD Sweden
EWG Germany
EWH Hong Kong
EWI Italy
EWJ Japan
EWK Belgium
EWL Switzerland
EWN Netherlands
EWO Austria
EWP Spain
EWQ France
EWS Singapore
EWU United Kingdom
XLB Materials
XME Metals and Mining
COPX Copper Miners
LIT Lithium
SLX Steel
CUT Timber
PIO Water
GDX Gold Miners
GDXJ Junior Gold Miners
PLTM Platinum
XLF US Financials
KRE Regional Banks
KIE Insurance
KBE Banks
IYG Financial service
IAI Broker-Dealers
IYT Transports
IYM Basic Materials
IGE US Nat Resources
IXC Global Energy
XLE Energy-SPY
XLI US Industrial
XLB Materials
XRT Retail
XHB Homebuilders
XLU Utilities
XLY Consumer Discretionary
XLP Consumer Staples
VCR Consumer Discretionary
PEJ Leisure Entertainment
IYW Technology
IGN US technology
IXN Global tech
VGT Info Tech
QTEC Tech Naz
XLK Technology
IYZ Telecom
FDN Internet
IBB Biotechnology
XLV Health Care
FBT Biotechnology
PPH Pharmaceuticals
EPU Peru
EWM Malaysia
EWT Taiwan
EWW Mexico
EWY South Korea
GXG Columbia
VWO Emerging Markets
EEM Emerging Markets
EWZ Brazil
EZA South Africa
FXI China
GXG Colombia
IDX Indonesia
INP India
RSX Russia
THD Thailand
TUR Turkey
FXA Autrailian Dollar
FXB British Pound
FXC Canadian Dollar
FXE Euro
FXF Swiss Franc
FXY Japaneese Yen
BZF Brazilean Real
CYB Chinese Yaun
FXM Mexican Peso
UUP USA Dollar
IJH MidCap 400
IJR Small Cap 600
IWO Russel 2000
IWV Russel 3000
SPY SP 500
DIA Dow Jones
SHY Short term Treasury
IEF 7-10 yr treasury
IWM Russel 2000
GLD Gold
IEV Europe
ILF Latin America
EWJ Japan
EPP Pacific minus Japan
TAN Solar
XSD Semiconductors
FAA Airlines
BJK Gaming
DRW International Real Estate
WPS Non US Property Index
PBS Media
SWH Software
PHO Water Resources
SIL Silver Miners

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1/4/2015 7:40:51 PM

Here is a list of just sector etfs


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