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1/16/2008 2:36:56 AM

the people who run the greatest ponzi show on earth- have all the news figured out a months ahead of time-these are the people who control the stock market and individual stocks- they use --c --to knock hell out of market on 1-14 --- they use intc bad earning in ah to knock down the qqqq as low as 45.35- then they run it up to 45.76 at the ah close- jpm will have good earning that will run it up back to where it was at the close yesterday- then a fed cut will rock it back toward 50 the rest of the month--it s wery easy to figure out ahead of time what news they will use to reverse market direction- at the bottom in july 06 they used csco to start the big move from 35.50 on the qqqq to its high in nov-07-this thing that doesnt need ta or fundamental is the driving force behind every move there is period--i knew what the result would be about the fed cut before 1400 on 12-11-07 while qqqq setting at 52.80-- i knew it would start the next big move down on the markets and it would fall to about 51 after 1415 on the 11th of dec-- i knew at ther top of the market on 11-07 before csco earnings that they would have bad earnings and that would start the move down form the 55$ qqqq price--and i knew the low would be near 49$ too- that easy to figure out too- i knew mos would have blowout earnings 15 minutes before it was announced while stock was at 81$ and to buy the jan 105 calls for 0.05 and to sell them at >6$ on the 14th- the thing i have been telling theat is essentailly the holy grail thing= told me to get in mos at 81 and out at 110 and to get back in at <100 in ah yesterday-infact getting just about any good stock in ah yesterday will make you a big winner in the weeks to comes--never seen this much volume in ah before last night--More >>

Symbol Company Name Last Change Change % Volume

INTC Intel Corporation 19.48 -3.21 -14.15% 36,106,838

C Citigroup, Inc 26.61 -0.33 -1.22% 24,641,600

QQQQ Powershares QQQ Trust 45.76 -0.79 -1.70% 22,705,033

SPY SPDR S&P 500 ETF 136.85 -1.32 -0.96% 12,365,175

EWJ iShares:Japan 12.42 -0.16 -1.27% 4,208,800

CVS Cvs Caremark Corporation 35.75 -0.27 -0.75% 4,080,100

WU Western Un Co 21.42 UNCH UNCH 3,048,700

AA Alcoa Inc 31.00 -0.19 -0.61% 3,042,200

ORCL Oracle Corporation 20.95 -0.36 -1.69% 2,746,554

EEM iShares:MSCI Emerg Mkt 143.10 +0.70 +0.49% 2,642,200

PBCT People's United Financ ... 15.97 UNCH UNCH 2,416,881

WYE Wyeth 45.96 -0.03 -0.07% 2,327,400

T AT&T Inc 37.64 +0.01 +0.03% 1,996,000

CFC Countrywide Financial ... 5.73 -0.08 -1.38% 1,957,500

MSFT Microsoft Corporation 32.91 -1.09 -3.21% 1,830,074

IWM iShares:Russ 2000 Idx 68.98 -0.52 -0.75% 1,809,500

CSCO Cisco Systems, Inc 25.06 -0.79 -3.06% 1,781,185

NI Nisource Inc 18.79 UNCH UNCH 1,762,700

AAPL Apple Inc 163.01 -6.03 -3.57% 1,659,729

TGT Target Corp 49.40 -0.47 -0.94% 1,366,500

WFC Wells Fargo & Company 26.25 -0.24 -0.91% 1,342,200

NYX NYSE Euronext 79.42 -0.91 -1.13% 1,320,300

CBH Commerce Bancorp, Inc 36.35 UNCH UNCH 1,193,600

EFA iShares:MSCI EAFE Idx 72.70 -1.25 -1.69% 1,127,700

BEAS BEA Systems Inc 15.52 -0.06 -0.39% 1,124,539

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1/16/2008 7:32:52 AM


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1/16/2008 7:46:02 AM

lets change the good earning or bad earning into this- will the stock go up or down after earnings is released- c and intc went down- jpm is actally up in premarket whereas 99% of the stocks are down-

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1/16/2008 10:07:23 AM

I'll buy that. But with the list, a bit shaky.

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1/16/2008 11:31:21 AM

jpm up 5% on a big down day on the markets

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