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1/14/2010 12:33:35 PM

which i traded of today 434 bottom and sold most near the 465 top===========BIDU Jan 2010 470.0000 call(OPR: BPJAE.X)
Last Trade: 5.17
Trade Time: 12:14pm ET
Change: 4.52 (695.38%)
Prev Close: 0.65
Open: 1.00
Bid: 5.00
Ask: 5.50
Day's Range: 0.20 - 6.10
Contract Range: 0.01 - 91.50
Volume: 3,056
Open Interest: 2,178
Strike: 470.00
Expire Date: 15-Jan-
BIDU Jan 2010 460.0000 call(OPR: BPJAY.X)
Last Trade: 9.30
Trade Time: 12:16pm ET
Change: 8.05 (644.00%)
Prev Close: 1.25
Open: 3.70
Bid: 9.30
Ask: 9.80
Day's Range: 0.40 - 11.00
Contract Range: 0.03 - 59.00
Volume: 7,092
Open Interest: 2,888
Strike: 460.00
Expire Date: 15-Jan-10
BIDU Jan 2010 450.0000 call(OPR: BPJAX.X)
Last Trade: 16.20
Trade Time: 12:17pm ET
Change: 13.40 (478.57%)
Prev Close: 2.80
Open: 2.45
Bid: 15.90
Ask: 16.30
Day's Range: 1.10 - 18.12
Contract Range: 0.05 - 60.50
Volume: 8,681
Open Interest: 4,633
Strike: 450.00
Expire Date: 15-Jan-10
BIDU Jan 2010 440.0000 call(OPR: BPJAH.X)
Last Trade: 24.00
Trade Time: 12:17pm ET
Change: 17.30 (258.21%)
Prev Close: 6.70
Open: 6.40
Bid: 23.80
Ask: 24.00
Day's Range: 3.40 - 26.00
Contract Range: 0.05 - 36.10
Volume: 4,096
Open Interest: 5,526
Strike: 440.00
Expire Date: 15-Jan

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1/15/2010 12:18:49 AM

Moron All your posts are babling bs

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1/15/2010 3:23:01 PM

What is the reason people are so rude?

Either back up your position with facts, logic and/or reason or just keep your opinions to yourself.

This forum is more civilized than most and I for one want to keep it that way.

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1/15/2010 3:47:43 PM

I agree - while I may have questions regarding ex post facto trade claims, I will try to be politic about my concerns. Most everyone here is polite. Let's keep it that way.

In that vein, I would ask that posts like this, which add little or nothing to the forum other than giving the author some ego boost, should be kept to an absolute minimum.

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1/15/2010 5:56:52 PM

My bad Sorry he's on ignore. Better way of handling it.

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1/15/2010 7:29:11 PM

Kevin, very well stated.

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1/15/2010 8:42:19 PM

Everyone has a right to post what they please, within SF rules. Each to their own. Does anyone really know anyone else's motive, state of mind, health, needs, etc? Live and let live.

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1/15/2010 10:18:31 PM

Mary, don't be bummed by the rude post! Don't stop posting Mary; your posts are always read here is SoCal. Hoping to apply your technique somehow to those of us who are not in front of a computer during the day and on the road. Cheers!


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1/15/2010 10:38:39 PM

Thanks eman I withdraw the moron remark but the rest stands. This is a Filter forum right? Cut and pasting your 3 day old trades (probably paper) goes in general discussion. The moron remark was uncalled for and extremely unprofesional of me.

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