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11/8/2003 4:14:11 PM

it's the pull back of a downward trend

we all know that a stock that start a downward trend is hard to catch, but if it make a pull back during his downward move it much easy to catch
bref i'm looking to short those crap stock that make pull back but will go down big time.

those kind of short and hold but each time it make a pull back you can add to those short

help me please

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11/9/2003 5:11:31 AM

I worked a long time trying to get a short filter to work in these market conditions and I found only this one combination. I took this paragraph,

"Show stocks where Williams %R (14) is between -10 and -0.01 and Average Volume(30) is above 100,000 and Volume is above 100,000 and close is above 5"
and added that to what appears to be a propriarity screen called a,
"60-day decreasing slope channel"

This might give you something to try. The screen resulted in very few returns but I charted every one for the past 43 days and they all initially went lower.

This downward sloping channel is the closest thing I could find to charting for trendlines and trendlines are often difficult resistance to break.

You could also just use the screens, "45-day decreasing slope channel"
, "60-day decreasing slope channel", and "90-day decreasing slope channel" found on the homepage and chart the results by hand. There are not that many returns. Just look for the ones that are overbought and about to test trendline resistance.

Picking the ones with poor fundamentals would likely help a lot.

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11/9/2003 7:53:52 AM

Thanks a lot ... before i try stock fetcher i was scanning the fundamental of al the stock to find those patern. it's a lot of work

and as you know there a lot poor fundamental stock that going up

with the technical before and the fundamental after it will be a lot better

i ll give you some feedback

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11/9/2003 12:49:41 PM

Here's one that includes a decreasing linear regression slope with a short term divergence of RSI and Williams %R - this filter is just the opposite of a filter I have to look for long positions. This filter isn't producing the best results, as the overall market has an increasing bias, and you should tweak it to your timeframe, etc. Anyway, while I was looking back on this filter, I did see that a lot of the stocks which failed the filter (i.e. kept rising) did eventually stall at old price resistance (double tops, closed gaps, etc.). I would definitely look for that as well if you look over this filter, and THEN go short.

Fetcher[Show stocks where close is less than 0.1% below top linear regression line (60) and close is less than 1% below top linear regression line (60) and LRS (60) is below 0 and RSI (2) is above RSI (2) 1 day ago and Williams %R (6) is below Williams %R (6) 1 day ago and price is near top Bollinger Band (20) and price is between 5 and 40 and average volume (90) is above 250000 and date offset is 0]

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11/11/2003 11:06:23 AM

The filter I posted above is showing decent results for shorts as the overall market as fallen in the last few days. If nothing else, it shows some good merit to cross - market analysis.

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