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6/19/2007 7:52:10 AM

how would i add the following settings 1. % above ema(200) 2. % above low 10 day low

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6/19/2007 10:47:55 AM

I'll tell ya....go back and answer EVER SINGLE question that this forum had for YOU on your BS little filters from the past...and I'll be glad to help you with this very simplistic antidote! Boy...if there was anyone in this forum UNWORTHY of someone's has to be THIS guy! I think "I" would be a close second...yes? lol...


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6/19/2007 11:08:24 AM

Mary...I have no problem helping you provided you agree to answer at least a few of the many questions I've asked you...all of which remain unanswered. Fair enough?

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6/19/2007 3:18:12 PM

what would you like to know>?

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6/19/2007 3:34:30 PM

how exactly know where the dead bottom is- i use the rsi(2) daily for getting very near to bottom like the spy and qqqq on 6-7- i always use intraday linear regression for 2 days- usually the qqqq will go down the next day 0.15-.30 when it get it low rsi-2- on 6-7 it closed 46.35 with an rsi-2 of 2.9%- next day it gapped down to the exact bottom of the 2 day lr intra day at 46.16- which you can read before the open on esignal- when it got there it went up and down bouncing off the lr for 1-2 hours- what you do then is use a 3-10 min rsi(10) to see if you have a bottom pos divergence which it had- did the exact same thing on aapl at 116 and goog at 500- this is where you buy your options for the next month qqqq 47-51 for july goog 530-600 and aapl 120-150 for july calls- when you do this you usually make 700-10000% on all the option with the highest levels paying off the highest % gain- okay lets look at rimm on its last earning dropped 148 to <129 - and at 129 we had the same bottom low rsi(2) at <2% on the daily rsi-2 and on the rsi-10 at the bottom lr it had a big pos divergence- so i bought the may 140-155 for an average of 33$ per contract - when it hit its top of 155.24 on 5-9 i cashed them in( for an avarge of 1300$ per contract)--- daily rsi(2) at 99.9% which you have to read live- it hit the dead top of the 2 day intraday lr at 155.24 and had a big neg divergence using the 5 min rsi-10- there you go guys now you can make millions playing options off each top and bottom

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6/19/2007 6:12:54 PM

Fetcher[set{ma1,close - ma(200)}
set{ma2, ma1/close}
set{%abovema200, ma2 * 100}

set{low1,close - low 10 day low}
set{low2, low1 / close}
set{%above10daylow, low2 * 100}

add column low 10 day low
add column %above10daylow
add column ma(200)
add column %abovema200

draw ma(200)

volume > 1000000
close > 10

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