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12/29/2009 5:50:56 PM

after great earnings they have held rimm down big time at the same time the market has run to new 52 week highs- which was very strange?- but i think its been to set up a big move starting in the ma-- there was a >500k block buy in ah-today and a 116 k block buy also- i have never ever seen rimm have any block traes that big in ah ever-plus the only time i have seen >100k was righ before earnings- when they had extremely good earning and ther stock moves up 20-40% real fast- so at the open buy the 70-75 jan calls-also there was this news in ah on palm their big competitor--SUNNYVALE, Calif. (TheStreet) -- Palm (PALM Quote) shares plunged anew Tuesday as speculation swirled around possible delays of its Pixi phone at Verizon(VZ Quote).
More on PALM Tech Stocks, Market Movers And MunisGoogle's Very Own Android LaunchApple Vs. Amazon Market Activity Research In Motion Limited| RIMM DOWNSprint Nextel Corporation| S UPVerizon Communications Incorporated| VZ DOWNShipments of Palm's Pixi phone were cut by 25% in the fourth quarter due to failed tests at Verizon, according to Taiwan's DigiTimes, which cited a report from China's Commercial Times. The shipments are expected to be rescheduled for sometime in the first quarter. The fear of a crucial product delay at No.1 telco Verizon sent Palm shares down 3.61% to $10.16 at market close on Tuesday, down from Monday's closing price of $10.

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12/29/2009 9:42:08 PM

What source are you using? Not seeing those block trades. Looking at RIMM ah today total ah volume was 560,979 according to bigcharts. My realtime feed says there was a 60K block trade right after the bell but I can't find the 500K plus block trade and the 116K block trade both of which, ignoring all the other trades ah, would be greater summed than what bigcharts is reporting ah volume was. I have been thinking along the same lines with respect to RIMM price action, but I don't see the block trades tonight. What source are you using?

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12/29/2009 10:18:18 PM

possibly, there were buys in after hours of 521K and 116K. The 67K was a sell on close imbalance.

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12/29/2009 10:54:26 PM

straken, thanks. i see that now. it's strange some real time feeds have 1 of the 2 buys, others have none of them.

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