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6/27/2007 11:04:39 PM

its really easy to figure what the earnings will be-basically 85% of the time if the close is near a 2-5 day low with increasing intraday big spikes the last session before earnings it will be good--look at smsc mkc apog and unf from yesterday

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6/27/2007 11:55:54 PM


With all due respect...

...there is NO "filter" in your post !

If you are going to continue to spam the forums with your jibberish...could you at least post your jibberish in the correct forum !!!???!!!

Come on fool...git with the program !!! tia



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6/28/2007 5:13:10 PM

RIMM - $23 price spike in after hours.

Looks like Mary gets the last laugh!

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6/28/2007 5:33:55 PM

I don't agree with everything Mary is saying but the call on RIMM was dead on. People who bought options today or yesterday could have made an awful lot of money. Unfortunately I didn't.

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6/28/2007 7:28:56 PM

As usual Mary will not respond to this.

I give credit to Mary about RIMM.

When I looked at APOG and compared the spikes with CKR it look like CKR had more spikes but the CKR price went negative due to negative surprise.

Actually I think the volume spikes with 2-5 day low on CKR were more dominant that others.

For MKC the earnings were announced in morning and earlier day last session was relatively flat.

Am I missing something? Can Mary throw some more details about this?

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6/28/2007 10:16:39 PM

Perhaps Mary's entitled to enjoy the last laugh. It was a nice call indeed, but a dangerous play by all means in my opinion. I have yet to see anyone who could predict the earnings outcome consistently. Well, I hope you've bought the real options this time.

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6/28/2007 11:03:49 PM

Mary4Money is a real GURU. It's time to start listening !

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6/28/2007 11:45:15 PM

I love reading all of Mary's posts. Actually, I don't read as much of her posts as I read the responses. Keep pissing people off Mary...I haven't followed any of your advice but look forward to your messages daily!

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6/29/2007 4:41:55 AM

just because a firm has good earnings doesn't mean the stock gaps up or continues up, many times the street reacts oppositly

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6/29/2007 12:17:03 PM

Hey Mary:
RIMM $200.00!!
U go girl!

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